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  • Foster A Love For Reading In Your Child! 3 Activities To Help You Raise A Lifelong Reader

    Reading can teach your child many valuable skills and life lessons.
    by Kate Borbon .
Foster A Love For Reading In Your Child! 3 Activities To Help You Raise A Lifelong Reader
  • Reading is an activity that is not only fun but also a goldmine of skills for kids to learn. Alexine Parreno, a mom who runs the bookstore Pumplepie Books & Happiness, tells SmartParenting.com.ph, “Reading is everything. It teaches comprehension, vocabulary, life lessons, academics, etc.,” also saying that reading is “a basic life skill that is perhaps even more essential in this digital age.”

    Activities you can do to raise a lifelong reader

    Even in her first years of life, your child can benefit hugely from reading — and if this activity is made part of her daily routine, she might even develop a lifelong love for it. Here are some activities you can try at home to help her find joy in reading.

    Create DIY stories

    Foster your child’s burgeoning imagination by encouraging her to come up with her own stories! Parreno says that this is something she does with her daughter.


    “We sometimes take turns making up bedtime stories. When it’s my turn to tell stories, I try to incorporate her favorite things or topics. She loves them so much, she remembers stories from years ago. She usually doesn’t like it when it’s her turn, but recently I’ve seen her put in more effort. This is a great exercise for creativity, sequencing, logic, humor, etc., etc.”

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    Make a storytelling inspiration bag

    If your child is struggling to make up a story, help her out with a storytelling inspiration bag, described by Motherly as “a collection of small objects with which a child can recreate a story.” You can fill the bag or basket with objects from clothes to small toys to random trinkets. Write down those stories so you can revisit them later on.

    Do oral storytelling

    Motherly writes, “Oral storytelling is becoming a bit of a lost art, but it plays a valuable role in helping young children develop [a] rich vocabulary and a true love for storytelling and reading.” This can also be a way to bond and laugh with the whole family.

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    Other ways to raise a lifelong reader

    Aside from activities, there are other ways to make reading enjoyable for your little one. Parreno reveals some of her tips for parents who want to instill an affinity with books in their kids.

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    Put in the time and effort

    Parreno shares that teaching your child to love reading is not an overnight thing; it requires a lot of effort and time. Include reading in your nightly routine with your tot and try to follow it as consistently as you can, and you might just have a budding bookworm in your child.

    Give her a wide selection

    Experiment with genres, formats, and book lengths! “Offer diverse topics in as many formats as you can — reference books, storybooks, comic books, wordless books, joke books,” Parreno suggests. “They may not be interested to read it today, but leave it out and in a few days, weeks, months, they’ll eventually pick it up and enjoy it.”


    Choose books over Google

    Though it’s often more convenient to turn to Google when you have an inquiry, Parreno says old-fashioned research is one way to foster an enjoyment of reading in your child — along with other important skills.

    “Google, of course, knows more, but I like that this teaches my child — how to alphabetize, patience (she has to flip through pages vs. Google’s split-second reply), and comprehension,” she says.

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