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6 Cute But Effective Potty Trainers To Help Toddlers Learn To Go On Their Own
PHOTO BY courtesy of Shopee and Bonjour Baby
  • For toddlers, learning to go to the toilet on their own is an important milestone. But each child learns at their own pace — they can show signs that they are ready to ditch diapers as young as 18 months or up to their third birthday — so it’s best to start when your kids are ready for potty training.

    Cute potty chairs and seats that can help with potty training

     Parents will have different tips and tricks on how to successfully teach a toddler to poop and pee on her own (read how one mom’s daughter was able to master potty training in less than a week here), but one of the things that can greatly help are child-sized tools like a small potty or toilet seat. Place these in the bathroom so your child will learn to go there when he needs to pee or poo.

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    Here are some cute potty trainers to encourage your little one:

    Mambo Baby Potty Trainer, Php650

    This potty trainer comes in three shades!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada Philippines

    This bright and colorful training seat is straightforward and fuss-free. There is a wide backrest so baby can sit comfortably and the pot can easily be removed for cleaning. Buy it from Lazada.

    Foldable Baby Toilet Seat With Adjustable Ladder, Php999

    The simple toilet seat gets an upgrade with a built-in ladder.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Shopee Philippines

    If you prefer just using your toilet bowl at home to help your little one get acquainted with the bathroom, this baby toilet seat comes with an adjustable ladder so your child can get on and off without any trouble. It has non-slip mats to ensure your child’s safety and can quickly be folded when not in use. Buy it from Shopee.

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    Fisher Price Duck Potty, Php999.75


    If your little girl (or boy!) loves unicorns, they'll love to "go" in this potty!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada Philippines
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    This no-frills potty trainer has a friendly duck face design to encourage young ones to sit and do their business. It has a built-in splash guard for boys, and the removable bucket can be cleaned effortlessly. If your child needs to steady himself, the handles on the side can help secure him to the seat.

    They also have a duck design in a cheerful, yellow shade.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada Philippines

    Bonjour Baby Whale Potty, Php1,495


    This adorable whale potty has a comfortable seat ring that can easily be removed for quick cleaning. It’s just the right size for toddlers — they can get on and off independently and it might even convince to go to the potty willingly. Get it in pink, gray, or blue! Also available in babymama.ph

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    Bambina Bumbum Potty, Php1,800

    This mini toilet bowl looks just like the real thing — it even has a flush! The soft cushion makes baby more comfortable, plus it’s removable and easy to clean.

    Nuby Training Toilet, Php2,599.75

    This realistic training toilet will make it easier for baby to transition to the adult-sized one.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada Philippines

    If you want to splurge, this realistic training toilet has a few perks. The flush makes a sound when pressed, the potty seat lid opens and closes, and the anti-skid rubber base prevents the chair from sliding. Don’t worry — the pot is removable for quick cleaning. Use the back tank to store wet wipes!

    Think your little one is ready for potty training? Click here for tips from singer and mom Sitti Navarro.

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