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Mom's 'Extreme Potty Training' for Her Daughter Is Both Clever and Hilarious
  • “What age should you start potty training?” and "Do you have any potty training tips?" are perhaps two of the most frequently asked questions of parents with toddlers. It’s a huge milestone but the path leading to it can be messy. Anticipating that, one mom decided to cover an entire room in her house with puppy pee pads while teaching her daughter to go to the bathroom. We can’t decide if it’s ingenious, hilarious, or both!

    “DAY ONE. Am I doing it right?” wrote Shona McLoughlin, a photographer based In the United Kingdom, and a mom of one, in her Facebook post back in January 2019. “Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it? I’ve no idea what I’m doing…”

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    Indeed, Shona looked lost. The three photos that accompanied her post showed an entire living room filled with puppy pee pads – which dog owners typically use to house train their pets. In the center was a mini-sized toilet for her daughter to use.


    The puppy pee pads are there “‘just in case’ she misses,” the mom clarifies in the comments. “Once she gets used to it, I’ll move mini toilet into the bathroom.”

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    The over-the-top photos quickly went viral, with more than 30,000 shares and 21,000 reactions. Fellow parents found Shona’s exaggerated ways hilarious – one mom said, “I’m dyin’ but wish I’d thought of this!” – but they were also helpful enough to offer potty training advice.

    “Best times to put her on is right after she wakes up and after meals,” one mom suggested. “I’d say avoid TV at potty time so that she realizes what she is doing. Read with her a book, and when you hear the wee, make a huge deal out of it so she feels it’s an accomplishment. Don’t worry, she’ll catch on very quickly!”

    One mom suggested using stickers as motivation. “She wore a pull up if we went out but I [made her go to the toilet] regularly when [we’re] out. We used a sticker chart and she wanted to get the stickers. I think we only had a few accidents and was dry after a day or two,” the mom wrote. “Pooping was an issue for first few weeks and [she] would only poo in [a] nappy which we put on for bed. But she hated she was dirty and after lots of poop songs [she] finally did one on the toilet and was ok after that.”

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    One follower called it “Extreme Potty Training,” but so far it has worked for Shona. “Not a single accident,” she says in the comments. “She just waits until I pop her nappy on while she’s sat at the table eating then tells me she’s going and demands I change her straight away."

    On Day 3, Shona updated the comments section with another photo. This time, the puppy pee pads were reduced to three and the mini toilet was moved to a corner of the living room. “She’s actually doing really well and telling me when she needs to go,” Shona wrote.

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    Experts say potty training is a natural process and you shouldn’t force it, but leave it to moms to find clever hacks to try to make things easier for everyone.

    If you have a toddler who’s ready to ditch the diapers, you can find potty training tips here and here, plus accessories that can help make the transition easier here. You’ve got this!

    What other parents are reading

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