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  • Meet Your Baby At 5 Months: You Might Feel Their First Kick Inside The Womb!

    Your little one is starting to look more like a baby now.
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Meet Your Baby At 5 Months: You Might Feel Their First Kick Inside The Womb!
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  • Congratulations, you’re already at the halfway point of your pregnancy! By now, your baby bump might have become more noticeable, but don’t worry if it’s not yet as big — it will eventually show sooner or later.

    While some women experience a smooth first trimester, the emergence of new symptoms might make you more sensitive in this second phase of your pregnancy. For example, celebrity mom Ryza Cenon, who revealed her pregnancy at five months, shared that she was having a harder time because of nausea.

    “Sa second trimester po, lahat ng kinakain ko, sinusuka ko siya. Minsan, umiiyak na’ko. Tapos nahihirapan na ‘ko. Nahihilo po at mas mabilis akong mapagod,” she said in a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article. The mom was later prescribed medicine which helped manage her symptoms.

    On the other hand, your fetus at 5 months is steadily growing inside your womb. Here’s what you can expect.

    Can you feel a baby at 5 months?

    At 5 months, you can feel your baby making fetal movements inside the womb. A sensation of fluttering, something like butterflies flying inside your stomach, will become more prominent. This fluttering movement is referred to as quickening.

    What is my baby doing at 5 months of pregnancy?

    Your little one is becoming more active and creating more movements inside your womb, so if you have not felt any fluttering in the fourth month, expect it to happen at this time, most especially during the evenings. You may also take note the frequency of how many times your baby makes those little kicks inside your womb, as well as when such movements occur.


    Remember that your baby will be sleeping in your womb for a total of 12 to 14 hours daily. Monitor their waking and sleeping hours, so you won’t get worried when you start counting kicks.

    What is the normal fetal weight at 20 weeks?

    By week 20 of the pregnancy, your baby will measure around 6.5 inches and may weigh a bit over 10 ounces. At the end of the month, they will be around 11 inches long and may weigh just over a pound.

    Imagine a coconut or small papaya — your baby will be around this size at five months. He or she is also starting to look more like a baby now — with distinct lips, eyelids and eyebrows, and even tiny tooth buds!

    Is baby fully-developed at 20 weeks?

    Twenty weeks into your pregnancy, the head and limbs of your baby have now became more proportional and coordinated. Their skeletal framework is also stronger, allowing them more control over their limbs. Expect stronger kicks and punches inside the womb since they are also growing bigger.

    Despite your baby’s still closed eyelids, your little one can now distinguish between light and dark. Your baby’s senses are far more heightened and your little one can already taste the food you eat through its taste buds, and can now drink amniotic fluid. With your baby’s senses in full-blast, your precious little one can hear not only your voice and heartbeat, but also other nearby sounds.

    Your baby’s organs are functioning more efficiently now at this stage, too! Their lungs are starting to produce surfactant, which helps your baby breathe on their own after birth. The baby’s other organs also contributes already to its blood production such as liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

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    At this stage, if you’re having a baby boy, testicles will start to surface from the abdomen as a developing scrotum. On the other hand, if you’re having a baby girl, their uterus and eggs will begin to form and develop.

    By week 20, your baby will also start to grow hair on his head, and develop fine body hair on their shoulders, back, and temples. Their body will be covered with greasy coating referred to as vernix caseosa, which helps protect the baby’s skin.

    In four months' time, you will soon meet your little one so just continue to enjoy your pregnancy! At the same time, prepare yourself by signing up for birth and newborn care classes, plus read up on the difference between real and false labor so you'll be more aware of when you need to go to the hospital.

    Just keep nourishing that precious life inside of you and don't forget to take care of yourself, too. Just keep going — you've got this! 

    Want to know what more to expect on your fifth month of pregnancy? Click here.

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