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  • Meet Your Baby At 6 Months: He Can Clearly Tell Your Voice From Others, Mom!

    Your baby's senses are heightened at this stage.
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Meet Your Baby At 6 Months: He Can Clearly Tell Your Voice From Others, Mom!
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  • They say the second trimester is when you finally feel like your “old” self again. The usual pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness will start to subside and you might have the energy to resume your daily routine.

    For her second pregnancy, celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann was able to surf while six months pregnant — something that the active momma is used to doing and which she only did with her doctor’s permission.

    Some moms aren’t as lucky — comedian Cai Cortez shares that for her second pregnancy, she still felt nauseous at six months. “Whoever invented the term morning sickness is a liar,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph.

    What does a baby do at 6 months?

    You’re probably wondering about the things that your baby does inside your womb. At six months, your baby is more active than ever — he or she will be moving A LOT.

    Expect kicks and jabs — it may even feel painful if your baby happens to hit a major organ in your body. It might seem weird but this is actually a good thing! (You can also encourage your little one to kick by trying the tips here from our Smart Parenting Village moms.)

    Doctors advise to start counting kicks beyond six months (Healthline says to start at 28 weeks), but you can already start noting the general pattern of when your little one is more active. Enjoy it as it happens!

    At this stage, you might also feel small but rhythmic lurching in your abdomen. This happens whenever your baby is drinking or breathing in amniotic fluid. It is your baby’s way to develop his breathing skills, which he’ll need after birth. The rhythmic lurching that you feel is referred to as “hiccups,” and this eventually goes away on its own.


    Is your baby fully-developed at 6 months?

    Your baby is not yet fully-developed, but he is growing stronger with each passing day. He is also not so little anymore — at the start of the month he’ll weigh around 1.3 pounds and be 12 inches long. Imagine an ear of corn — that’s how big your baby is at the start of this stage.

    By the end of six months, he’ll measure about 14 and a half inches — as long as a zucchini! — and weigh around 2 pounds.

    Your little one is developing muscles and sweat glands. His bones are getting stronger and he is accumulating baby fat.

    His translucent skin is starting to get thicker and the veins can already be seen. His skin is already reddish in color, wrinkled, and covered in vernix, a waxy substance that protects him as he floats in the uterus.

    In preparation for being able to independently function after birth, your baby’s organs are beginning to fully-form. His brain activity also increases and his senses are heighted and activated as his brain tissues develop.

    Your little one can now taste the food you are eating through the amniotic fluid. He can also close and open his eyes. His eyelashes would have also formed at this stage.

    More importantly, your baby can clearly distinguish your voice from others at six months. He’ll also start paying attention and focusing on the sounds that he hears from outside the womb. Just keep talking to him — he hears you and he knows you.

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    As your baby’s development progresses, so does his reflexes. If you get an ultrasound during this period, you might see him sucking his thumb or holding his umbilical cord. Don’t worry — his grip is not strong enough to block the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

    By the end of your sixth month of pregnancy, baby’s lungs are already fully-formed. His toes and fingers are complete and he has a unique set of fingerprints. Your baby’s face is also more distinct, with his body becoming more proportioned with his head.

    Prepare for baby’s arrival

    You might think it’s too early, but this is the stage where you should be putting together your birth plan. You might start getting mommy brain at this stage, so put a positive spin to it by preparing yourself for your little one’s arrival.

    While you may be dealing with new pregnancy symptoms like insomnia and clumsiness, just remember to relax and enjoy your pregnancy! Embrace the nesting stage and while away the days shopping for baby essentials or looking for the perfect baby name. Good luck!

    SmartParenting.com.ph is always here to help guide you in your motherhood journey. Click here for our week-by-week guide so you know what to expect in your pregnancy.

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