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  • Meet Your Baby At 7 Months: Your Little One Is Smiling And Dreaming!

    They can also hear more clearly and are able to distinguish real sounds and voices.
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Meet Your Baby At 7 Months: Your Little One Is Smiling And Dreaming!
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  • Cheers to you, mom-to-be! You’re finally in your seventh month and on your third and last trimester of pregnancy.

    Your little one is growing and almost ready to go out into the world, so this stage will be a little uncomfortable. Take comfort that in a few more weeks, you’ll finally get to hold your bundle of joy in your arms!

    Fetal development at seven months

    As you approach D-day (delivery day!), you’re probably wondering what’s happening to your baby inside the womb. Well, at this point, your fetus at 7 months is not so little anymore.

    What does a baby do at 7 months in the womb?

    By week 29, your baby is starting to move from side to side. Pretty soon, he’ll be shifting his head downward into a birthing position — he’s preparing to exit your body in a few weeks!

    Don’t be surprised if the scans show your baby with his head down one week and then upright the next. As you move closer to your due date, he will continue to move and settle into the right position. Your baby bump will also descend toward your pelvis area as you approach your due date.

    Your baby is still kicking up a storm and is most probably doing some stretching. However, as the space inside your womb becomes smaller and smaller as your baby grows longer, they will most likely have fewer movements. However, their strong “jabs” may surprise you and take your breath away from time to time.


    Your doctor will encourage you to start counting kicks and punches at this stage. “Beyond the 24 weeks, beyond six months, Talagang every hour, may sipa ‘yang bata,” Dr. Maynila Domingo, an obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in maternal-fetal medicine at ManilaMed, tells SmartParenting.com.ph.

    “I tell them to count the kicks. Dapat 10 kicks in an hour,” she adds.

    If your baby is too active and kicking more than ten times in an hour, Dr. Domingo says it’s a good thing. “Ang maganda don, aware ka sa baseline ng baby mo so if there’s a decrease in movement, you report that immediately. You do not wait that there’s no detectable movement,” she stresses.

    Regularly monitor and take note of your baby’s movements. Check it daily at the same time — once during the day and once at night — to be assured that everything is fine.

    Is your baby fully-developed at 7 months?

    At seven months, your baby is around the size as a lettuce head. He will be around 14 to 15 inches long and weigh around 2 and a half pounds.

    By the end of the seventh month, he will measure around 16 inches long and weigh around 3 and a half pounds. Your baby will still continue to grow — they are accumulating white fat for energy — so expect them to become heavier in the coming weeks.

    Your baby’s brain is developing millions of neurons. He processes information faster and his senses are heightened. He is more responsive — he can recognize light and has become more sensitive to sounds.

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    At this stage, your little one has also begun to experience REM (rapid eye movement), which means they are likely dreaming inside the womb! They can also hear more clearly and are able to distinguish real sounds and voices.

    Your baby can now taste the food you eat. They say fetus at 7 months stick out their tongues — possibly tasting your amniotic fluid. There are even studies that say your baby can develop their own taste preferences at this stage.

    While your baby is still coated in amniotic fluid, their skin has become less wrinkly because they are accumulating white fat. Their sense of smell has also become more active.

    But here’s the most important development that will brighten up your day: at seven months, your little one is beginning to smile. So precious!

    As the birth of your baby nears, you’re probably having mixed emotions — anxious and excited at the same time. Breathe and savor each moment of this motherhood journey, but don’t forget to accomplish the things you will need for D-day.

    Prepare your body for labor but also indulge in self-care. Your baby is getting heavier and it’s getting harder to become a pregnant woman.

    Appreciate and cherish the life you’re about to introduce to the world. You will meet your baby soon enough!

    Smart Parenting is always here to help guide you in your motherhood journey. Click here for our week-by-week guide so you know what to expect in your pregnancy.

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