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Rita Daniela Is Pregnant! Ken Chan Assures Support 'As A Friend'
  • Rita Daniela announced on June 26 that she is pregnant with her first child.

    The 27-year-old Kapuso actress and singer first revealed the news in the show, All Out Sundays, according to a GMA report. She performed Beyonce's "Love On Top" during the segment, and announced her pregnancy afterwards.

    Her colleagues sent their well-wishes, and were also surprised with Rita's announcement.

    Lani Misalucha said, "Wait what? Huli ako sa balita."

    Mom of two Kylie Padilla said, "Congrats baby girl."

    However, Rita assures, she didn't intend to hide her pregnancy; she was just waiting for the perfect time to announce it.

    On her Instagram, Rita wrote a letter to her baby, assuring that it came 'just in time.'

    "My child, you came just in time. You are God’s greatest gift to me. You give me hope to make more dreams COME true. I shall do anything and everything that’s best for you. Always."


    She adds, "Nanay will always make sure that you have a heart for people and joy in the Lord. I can’t wait to meet you, anak. Ngayon pa lang, mahal na mahal na kita."

    Rita also shared an ultrasound scan of her baby. It can be seen that her baby was 8 weeks and 1 day old on May 26.

    She also posted a black-and-white video with the text 'Blessing' showing a clip of her prenatal check-up. The sound of her baby's heartbeat can be heard as her OB-Gyne uses a fetal Doppler. 

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    Rita hasn't revealed yet the details of her child's father. 

    On the same day, Ken Chan, Rita's on-screen partner, wrote a heartfelt post with her photo.

    "To you and your baby,

    Miracles are worth their weight in gold, if not many times more. I’m here if you need anything at all, as a friend, as someone you can always rely on. I pray to God for the utmost positivity, protection, support and love to surround you and your baby."

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    He adds, "As a friend, as someone who cares, I’ll always be here for you no matter what. You’ve always been incredible and strong, and certainly, You. You’ve got this, and without a doubt, you will only continue on to be that much more incredible, always."

    In the end, he said he is proud of Rita.

    Fans can't help but react to Ken's message. "Aw! I was hoping “our” baby," and "Sad na di kayo, but I'm so happy for Ms. Rita."

    Ways to support your friend who is pregnant

    According to BabyCenter, here are a few ways to really support a friend who is pregnant.

    1. Tell them it's okay to not know everything

    All first-time moms don't know anything about being a mom. While it feels tempting to bombard them with tips and tricks on how they can cope with pregnancy, let them take it one step at a time. This will keep them from getting overwhelmed.


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    2. Express that you support them

    Sometimes, when a friend becomes pregnant, you might think that she no longer needs you because she might be preoccupied with newborn stuff. Show that you care by sending her simple gifts or even random notes. 

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    3. Let her know that she is not alone

    If you think she might need a support system other than her friends and family, you may invite her to join our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group. Your friend can learn from experiences of other moms and dads, and feel that she is not alone in this whole new world that's ahead of her.

    Here are a few reminders about maintaining healthy relationships with child-free friends. 

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