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  • Moms Pick The Best Feeding Bottle Brands For Their Babies

    Here are some of the favorites of Smart Parenting Village’s mommy members.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Moms Pick The Best Feeding Bottle Brands For Their Babies
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  • At some point after giving birth, many moms transition to bottle-feeding their babies. That's why they are always on the lookout for the best feeding bottle brand. They may not always find it immediately but, through experience, they eventually arrive at one or a few brands.

    Bottle-feeding concerns

    The type of feeding bottle matters a lot, says Dr. Aidelenn Wong-Bajandi, an ob-gyn who founded Mixed Feeding Moms PH, and one of the group's members, Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla, a mom and a mixed feeding advocate. They had written an essay for Smart Parenting.

    They point out, though, that it will be hard to know what works for your babies until they use one. The good news is, Dr. Wong says, there are feeding bottles now that are created with anti-colic features, and there are those designed to minimize air bubbles to help prevent gas. You can also start with bottles with slow flow nipples.

    “Younger babies need more help and guidance when bottle-feeding,” Estaquio-Derla says. “You need to guide them.”

    If you're planning to pump, many moms recommend purchasing bottles that are the same brand as your breast pump so you can express directly to the bottle.


    If your healthy infants experience “frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness,” they may be suffering from colic. There is no specific cause to colic, but according to Mayo Clinic, there are many factors said to lead to colic in babies. These include the need for attention, under- or overstimulation, acid reflux, and an underdeveloped nervous system.


    Colic may also be caused by allergic reactions to some ingredients in formula milk, but Dr. Wong-Bajandi points out it can also happen to breastfed children. She explains, “Colic happens when there is air trapped inside the [gastrointestinal] tract of the baby. This is common for both babies directly latching or bottle fed."

    If you are contemplating shifting to bottle-feeding but are concerned that it may lead to colic, the best thing to do is still to consult your pediatrician.

    Nipple confusion

    To avoid nipple confusion, experts advise to wait until your baby is correctly latching when you breastfeed before introducing the bottle (read here). It's a process that may take about four to eight weeks. Dr. Wong-Bajandi recommends trying the type of feeding bottle with a nipple made of silicone, which is a material meant to resemble human skin closely.

    Mom-approved best feeding bottle brands

    When we posted the question about the best feeding bottle brand on our online parenting community, Smart Parenting Village, many moms had similar choices. These include:


    This Japanese brand, whose original manufacturing company was established in 1957, is favored by several moms. One of them gave this reason: "No nipple confusion and colic for my 3 babies."

    Another mom commented, "Super soft nipple. Parang sa mommy lang din nagdede." Still another mom said, "soft ung nipple durable and maganda talaga."


    This brand of feeding bottles is under the Philips global company headquartered in The Netherlands. One mom said, "Been using Avent since 2011 when my eldest was born till he turns 3 years old. Then when my I was trying to bottle feed my daughter who was born on 2017, I also tried Avent." She added that her baby liked it better than another brand, Comotomo.

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    This brand of feeding bottles made in South Korea has fans, too. One mom said that just like Avent, Comotomo doesn't cause nipple confusion and its wide neck makes for easy cleaning. She added, "Plus factor yung tibay."


    This Singaporean brand is also a favorite among moms. One of them said, "Appearance wise napaka sosyal niyang tingnan. Convertible to storage, breast pump and bottle. With its, PPSU [Polyphenylsulfone] material it can last you longer than your ordinary feeding bottle. When using uv sterilizer and warmer di siya nag ddiscolor unlike Avent."


    This brand of feeding bottles originally made in Italy is known for durability, as attested by one mom. She said, "Hanggang mawean na sa bottle feeding nipples lang ang pinapalitan. No need to buy new sets."


    This Taiwanese brand is a hit among the budget-conscious. One mom said it's used from her panganay (born in 2007) up to her bunso (born in 2021). She explained, "Di namin afford ang mga brand na sinabi ng majority and di naman nagselan sa bote mga anak ko."


    This brand owned by a 100 percent Filipino company is also favored by the economical set. One mom reasoned, "Bukod sa affordable, maganda rin naman quality. Di kase afford yung mga maharlikang bote kagaya nung sinasabi ng majority dito. Hahaha. So far, okay naman yung Babyflo kay baby."

    Some moms said they buy different brands, including those that make glass bottles. They pointed out that the best feeding bottle brand really depends on what the babies themselves really like.


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