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  • Running: Not as Run of the Mill as You Think

    If you’re interested in getting into running and getting into shape, then this article’s for you. Find out tips from running enthusiasts and learn how to incorporate this sport into your fitness regime with this primer.
    by Rob Del Rosario .
  • runnerPass by Roxas Boulevard and the Fort Area at almost any morning, and you are most likely to come across individuals from all walks of life, partaking in this national trend that seems like it is here to stay.

    Running, as ubiquitous and simple as it seems, draws on many a technicality.  While some would think that putting on a good pair of branded shoes and doing a few stretches your P.E. teacher taught you in grade school qualifies you for artful galloping, nowadays it’s not just that; for jogging, maybe, but not for the austerities of competitive running.

    For total newbies, John Katz-Abaya, a strength and conditioning coach, running expert and New York Marathon finisher advices these simple words “Start slowly, there’s no need to rush things.  You will eventually build up stamina as you go along.”  He adds, “I see a lot of men and women try the sport, go 10K and then burn out. That’s simply because they just jump the gun.  You need a sensible program and goals to start so you don’t end up quitting a great sport that’s easy on the pocket”

    Choosing a shoe is generally first on the list, but committing to a goal should come ahead, whether it’s becoming competitive down the line by registering for the (many) running events these days, losing weight or maintaining fitness.  Then again, many begin their journeys on iron boots.
    Tiny Honorado, a seasoned former college varsity athlete who began running again three months ago after the birth of her second child, discovered that it caused pain and discomfort in her knees.  “I checked with a rehab doctor and there was nothing wrong with me, so I looked into the shoe I purchased. I bought the most stable shoe I found, only to discover I have a high arch, so bumili ako ng cushioned shoes, now I’m enjoying my early morning runs!”

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