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  • We Said Throw Away Old Panties With Loose Garter. Moms Went, 'No Way'

    Thank you, readers, for reminding us of their use.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
We Said Throw Away Old Panties With Loose Garter. Moms Went, 'No Way'
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  • Early in January 2021, we posted on Facebook a story from our archives about a list of things moms need to really throw out.

    We focused on the “panty with the loose garter” on the headline because we were sure many of us (and not just women) had that in our drawers.

    Then, in the caption, we asked, “Unless may plano ka para sa underwear na yun?”

    Here’s the post in case you missed it:

    In the comments section, many of you answered and were aghast that we would even suggest throwing old panties away, LOL.

    “Omg, I cannot,hahahaa.”

    “Thanks, but NOOOOOOO THANKS.”

    “No way.”

    “I feel so attached to them. So....No.” 

    Most of you use your old panties regularly for specific reasons, especially during red days.

    Old underwear ARE perfect when we have our menstruation, days when we’d like to wear dasters or the most maluwag pambahay we can find (and be in bed the whole day if only it was possible). We hate tight clothing during our period and that extends to our underwear.


    Besides, we don’t have to worry if we get a bloodstain on it. As one of the comments pointed out, “Sayang kung bago.”

    As some hinted in the comments section, that old panty also puts us in a mood. We wear it when we want to feel extra comfortable or we want to, well, breathe.

    If that sounds vague, these comments (and lots of laughing emoticons) can say it better.

    Perfect match: Old panty with punit-punit na daster 

    “Sa akin nga, may katerno pa na punit-punit rin na daster. Dati gusto na itapon ng husband ko pero ngayon punit-punit na rin gamit nya pag natulog. Maginhawa daw pala ha ha ha.”

    Define comfort

    “Bwhahahahhhahahaha but these panties are the comfiest of all panties! Hahaha. It’s hard to let go you know!”

    “No way! Lifesaver kaya etong bacon at aircon na mga panties ko lalo na sa gabi!”

    “Pantulog lang naman hahaha.”

    “Masarap isuot pag luma.”

    “Comfortable lalo na suot sa gabi. May aircon hahhaa.”

    Best underwear fashion 

    “I use my old panties sirang garter as pasador instead of disposable napkins. Mas tipid, mas eco friendly, mas hiyang pa nga ako. Hahaha, ssshh.”

    “At bakit? Paano na ang period days? Hahaha!”

    “D pwede mamshy. It’s very useful pa for me. Pang period days.”

    Recycle because it is economical (and sexy?)

    “Pandemya kailangan magtipid. Kahit sira ok lang. Wala namang nakakaalam kayo lang ni Mr.!”

    “Sayang. Ang comfy kaya. Pero kapag 'di na kaya pwede din naman i-recycle, gupitin gawing basahan.”

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    “Basta hindi pa butas kahit maluwag garter, pwede pa yan. Nag pa-rebond kasi anak ko, eh.”

    “Yan nga ang masarap isuot.. biruin mo di ka na mahihirapan pa maghubad...kusa na siyang malalaglag...lalo na pag katabi si Mister, Hehehe.”

    Dear readers, thank you for reminding us how that old underwear is useful.

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