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  • These Dramas And Movies Starring Son Ye Jin Will Give You A Dose Of Kilig!

    Be prepared to cry buckets, too!
    by Kitty Elicay . Published Aug 9, 2020
  • It’s been months since the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You (CLOY) ended, but it seems Filipinos still can’t get enough of its lead actress, Son Ye Jin. She’s just been revealed as Smart’s newest endorser, after all.

    5 must-watch dramas and movies starring Son Ye Jin

     If you’re still hung over CLOY and want to see more of Ye Jin, you’re in luck because the actress has a multitude of dramas and movies under her belt. And though she’s been dubbed as the Queen of Melodrama in South Korea, she has plenty of must-watch romantic-comedies for that dose of kilig.

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    Here’s a list of her works that you should not miss out on!

    The Classic (2003)

    This is the type of movie that you put on when you want a really good cry. Ye Jin’s success soared because of this film, as it was helmed by Kwak Jae Yong, who also directed the widely popular My Sassy Girl.

    Ye Jin plays college student Ji Hye, who comes across a diary that reveals a past love triangle involving her mother, her father, and his father’s best friend. As her own love story with Sang Min (played by Jo In Sung) unfolds, she realizes that what happened to her parents mirrors her relationship with Sang Min. Will the two suffer the same ill-fate or will they have a happy ending?

    Watch the trailer here:

    Summer Scent (2003)

    If melodrama is your guilty pleasure, then this one is worth watching. It’s part of the Endless Love series, which included the OG koreanovelas Autumn in My Heart starring Song Hye Kyo and Winter Sonata.

    In Summer Scent, Ye Jin stars as Shim Hye Won, a girl with a fatal heart disease who gets a second chance at life after obtaining a heart from a donor named Seo Eun Hye. A few years later, she encounters Yoo Min Woo (Song Seung Heon), whose first love is Eun Hye. As they grow fond of each other, Hye Won is torn about her true feelings — is it because she really likes Min Woo or is because her heart was originally Eun Hye’s?


    Watch a scene from the drama here:

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    Personal Taste (2010)

    Ye Jin has worked with some of South Korea’s finest leading men, including Lee Min Ho. In this drama, she plays furniture designer Park Kae In who ends up living together with an architect named Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) whom she thinks is gay. Of course, he isn’t, but he does have an ulterior motive for living with Kae In — he wants to study the architecture of Kae In’s traditional house (called hanok) for a project that his firm is planning to bid on.

    As they get to know each other better, Jin Ho inspires Kae In to become a better version of herself and the two start to develop feelings for each other. But what will happen when Kae In finds out Jin Ho isn’t actually gay and the real reason why he moved in with her?

    watch now

    Watch the trailer here:

    Something in the Rain (2018)

    There’s just something thrilling about a younger man falling in love with an older woman, which is why this K-drama was such a big hit when it premiered in 2018. Ye Jin plays Jin Ah, a 30-something district supervisor at a major coffee franchise who reconnects with Joon Hee (Jung Hae In), the younger brother of Jin Ah’s childhood best friend.

    As they go from being “just acquaintances” to being in a relationship, the two inevitably struggle with their age differences and finding the courage to reveal their relationship to friends and family. Can their relationship survive despite the challenges?

    Watch the trailer here:

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    Be With You


    Ye Jin is known for her ability to portray various roles with ease. In this movie, she takes on the role of a mother named Soo Ah opposite actor So Ji Sub.

    Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) is a single father struggling to raise his son after the death of his wife, Soo Ah. During the rainy season a year after, she suddenly reappears — without any recollection of her family, nor of her passing. Thanks to mother’s instinct, Soo Ah rekindles her relationship with her husband and son, all the while knowing that she’s bound to disappear at the end of the rainy season.

    Watch the trailer here:

    Craving for more K-dramas? Click here for a kilig-inducing list that's mom-approved!

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