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  • Aww! Couple Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Crash Landing On You-Inspired Photoshoot

    They even got their kids to play the part of Captain Ri's group of soldiers!
    by Kitty Elicay .
Aww! Couple Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Crash Landing On You-Inspired Photoshoot
PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit
  • While the COVID-19 pandemic is confining us inside our homes, it’s also brought out the creativity of so many Pinoys. Moms are DIY-ing toys, activities, and parties for the kids, while the men are braving the streets (and making us laugh!) with their unique protective gear. Then, there’s the Sulit family, who wowed social media by recreating scenes from the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You (CLOY) for an anniversary photoshoot shot right in their garden!

    Edwin, 55, and Lynette, 54, wanted to do something special for their silver anniversary last March 31, 2020, but because of the enhanced community quarantine, they couldn’t go out and celebrate. So, they asked their kids Edflyn, 24; Swift, 21; Kent, 19; and Lyndon, 16, to join them in a fun photoshoot which they dubbed “Crash Lockdown On You: A 25th Anniversary Special.” Witty!

    “We’ve had a lot of people commend our parents for being so game, not knowing that the idea [for the photoshoot] came from them,” Edflyn tells SmartParenting.com.ph in an interview via Facebook messenger. She shares that she was the first one to get hooked on the series and convinced her parents and siblings to watch it as well.

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    Remember when Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri first met?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit

    “My parents are usually busy, so they don’t have the luxury of time to always binge on K-dramas. Due to the ECQ, we finally had the time and chance to watch it with the whole family. They all caught the CLOY-fever like I did!” Edflyn adds.

    According to Edflyn, they did the photoshoot around their house in Silang, Cavite on the day of her parents’ anniversary. Fortunately, they have a spacious garden and there was a creek near their house. It matched the forest setting of the K-drama, where Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri met for the first time.

    Lynette is pretty resourceful, too! Edflyn says that the outfits and props they used were found inside their house.

    The Sulit kids — Edflyn, Swift, Kent, and Lyndon — also joined the fun!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit
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    Going strong at 25 years

    Thanks to the creek near their home, they were able to recreate the scene when Captain Ri stepped on a land mine. Kulit!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit
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    Edflyn shares that the photoshoots are a reflection of their parents’ and their family’s relationship in real life. “They’re kwela and more makulit than malambing. They like teasing each other,” Edflyn shares. “We’ve also come to the point na parang magkakabarkada na lang kaming lahat.”

    If there’s anything she’s learned from her parents about love, it’s the importance of being best friends with your partner, not take things for granted and to just enjoy the little things.

    “We don't usually have grand celebrations, only using resourcefulness and a little creativity to enjoy our milestones without having to spend much. It is for this very reason, after all, that we were able to come up with this CLOY-inspired photoshoot for their anniversary,” she shares.

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    Crash Lockdown On You: The Sequel

    Who remembers this scene? This hit us right in the feels!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit

    Unsurprisingly, their shoot went viral when Edflyn uploaded the photos on her Facebook account. Edwin and Lynette were pleased that so many people had positive reactions to their little project and they were happy to receive love and support from strangers all over the country.

    In fact, they were so happy that they decided to shoot a part 2! This time, they recreated scenes from the drama where Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri parted ways. It was also related to what was happening in real life: Edwin, who is a medical doctor, was called to the frontlines.

    Because their family is mostly composed of health workers — Lynette is a nurse and clinical instructor, Edflyn is a medical technologist, and Swift is a dentist — they all understand the risk that come with their jobs. They knew that their father would choose to serve his countrymen.

    “Our dad went back on duty to the frontline starting today, it's almost like how Captain Ri and Se-ri had to part ways because of duties and responsibilities. But hey, let's all do each of our parts in helping contain this virus, so that soon, all frontliners can safely go home and reunite with their families,” Edflyn wrote on Facebook.

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    Aww, they even recreated Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri's afternoon walk. Galing!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Edflyn Sulit

    Edflyn tells Smart Parenting that apart from wanting to celebrate their parents’ anniversary, they also wanted to uplift people’s moods during the quarantine “because mental health is important.”

    For the “sequel,” they wanted to emphasize health as a whole. “We picked the scenes where Captain RI had already returned to the North, and when Seri was receiving his scheduled messages because they were like health reminders,” Edflyn says.

    She adds, “Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Let's find something we can do, watch or listen to that can help us relax when we're already feeling stressed!”

    Loved Crash Landing On You? Click here and here for a list of K-dramas you can bingewatch during quarantine!

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