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You Can Have 3 Kids, And Still Have The Hots For Each Other. Take It From Aubrey Miles And Troy Montero
  • "Sana all!"

    Hot mama Aubrey Miles just posted outtakes from what appears to be her and husband Troy Montero's post-nuptial shoot on Instagram.

    Netizens are gushing over the photos and behind-the-scenes video of Aubrey and Troy in a shoot that the actress said had a 'harot' peg.

    In one photo, Aubrey captioned it, "We kiss and makeout," probably one of the secrets to their 18 delicious years - and counting - together.

    In another photo of them together, Aubrey said that she loves Troy "wildly, insanely, and infinitely." Troy replied, "Thank you," and explained that when he asked Aubrey to marry him, she first said thank you before saying yes.

    Netizens cannot help but feel kilig and say that they are the "hottest married couple," and "hindi man lang tumatanda!"

    One even asked, "San po galing 3 junakis niyo Miss Aubrey?"

    The sizzling hot couple got married last June in a civil wedding ceremony. 

    Together, they have two children, Hunter and Rocket. Aubrey also has a son Maurie from her previous relationship.

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    How to keep your long-term relationship sexy

    Aubrey and Troy were open to sharing how they keep their relationship always on fire.

    In Troy's anniversary message to Aubrey on Instagram last September 2021, he said that they have had 18 years of breakfast dates together, and while they have some bikini and hotel robe breakfast dates, "It's the pajamas and pang bahay breakfast days that got us to 18 delicious years."

    He added, "Cheers to our way of doing things." 

    Aubrey, on the other hand, shared how they keep their relationship strong. "All I can say is everything is a choice. Wrong or right, you know what you’re doing. Of course, there’s always struggles and ups and down. Definitely, nothing is perfect, but make sure you have more ups than downs."

    She added, "Stay the same or hopefully you want to be different, be better."

    How to keep the fire burning

    In a previous article, Dr. Rica Cruz, a sex therapist and psychologist, advised a mom who caught her husband watching sexy videos, and said that marriage is always a work in progress.

    "Happily married couples put in a lot of work to keep the quality of their relationship great. All relationships go through rough patches, but with loving discussion and exploration of problems and setbacks, these patches can be mended and built to stand more wears, tears, and solid, hard-pumping love."

    Here are some tips on how you can keep the 'harot' in your relationship

    1. Remember where you started

    Khalid Iqbal, founder of Rahmaa Institute which offers counseling services to Muslim families in Michigan, USA, one of the many ways to spice things up in marriage is to remember where you started.

    "Look at photos from the old days at the start of your marriage. Tell him/her what first attracted you to each other (even if you’ve already told it before a 100 times). Look together through your wedding album," he said. 

    Looking back on these moments that made you fall in love with each other can make you think of ways on how you can improve 

    2. Make time for date nights

    This might be a gasgas advice, but if you can afford to leave your kids to a trusted family member or guardian to spend time together, do it! Being with your husband alone whether it's for a quick drive or an overnight stay can do wonders to your relationship. 

    3. Tell him "good morning," and mean it

    Even before the day gets busy and the kids wake up, mornings are the best time to take a few minutes to just be with your hubby. Whether it's a quick catch-up over coffee or some cuddles in a spot where the kids can't see you, just take it. Sex in the morning makes you both productive, study says, even if you might get a bit late for work. After all, your hubby's testosterone levels are at their peak in the morning!

    4. Invest in yourself

    Nothing can be more beautiful and sexy than a woman whose needs are met. If you are feeling like you need some me-time so you can take care of yourself, then tell your husband about it. Communication is key to making it work.

    For Aubrey, her very sexy mom body is all thanks to her hard work and determination to work out and be healthy. When you feel good and sexy in your body, it will just show, no bikinis needed.


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