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  • On October 9, 2008, one of the most-enduring celebrity couples, Doug and Chesca Kramer, said their I-do’s. They’ve been together for five years before they tied the knot. This year, 2019, they marked 11 years if married bliss.

    “Amazing thing is, we may have been together for that long, but it doesn’t feel like it,” Doug wrote on Instagram, remembering his and Chesca’s modeling days like it was just yesterday. “We’ve been through so much, stuck together, and built our lives around our kids,” he proudly said.

    The couple has three beautiful kids Kendra, 10, Scarlett, 7, and Gavin, 6 (and hopefully one more!). Team Kramer recently just moved into their new, massive four-story “forever” home in the city outskirts and is starting another home project, a condo home within the metro.

    “I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner,” Chesca wrote on her anniversary shoutout on Instagram for Doug, who always holds her hand and assures her that everything will be alright. “Always you and me together... Happy many more years to you and me,” she added.

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    So many things have changed since they said their I-do’s the first time, but some “things that remain constant,” Doug said. That includes working on their marriage. “Not once in our hardships did we stop believing that we could do it. Not once did I see you doubt — and that is why we kept going,” Chesca said.

    “True love exists! Just have to work on it every day!” the dad of three stressed. A lot of couples can benefit from what has been working for him and Chesca, so Doug went on to share marriage advice that can help other couples. We’ve summed it all up for you here:

    Be productive.

    “We’re not lazy. We never just stay home and do nothing,” Doug shared. He and Chesca always find ways to be productive. “We don’t procrastinate; we’re both go-getters,” he added.

    Date, date, date!

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    Doug is vocal in encouraging husbands to continue to date their wives and always make time for each other, even at just at home. “I love our dates out, even though sometimes I want to pinch you cause you’re so masungit sometimes,” he wrote, addressing it to his wife. “I still choose you, to date you, to kiss you, to hold your hands, and to always say I love you!” he said. Awww.

    Never make a fight last for more than a day.

    Doug admits that he and Chesca fight, but they never let their arguments or misunderstandings last for more than a day. They always try to resolve them as quickly as possible. “It allowed us to never let the time away make us grow apart,” he explained. And they never fight about money.

    Have unconditional love and trust for each other.

    Their love fuels a selfless partnership. “I focus on what I need to do for you, and you focus on what you’ll do for me; not forcing expectations or changes from our partner,” Doug explained. It also entails the “trust you give me and the trust that I won’t break,” the dad of three said. He never plays with fire or temptation because he doesn’t want to get burned.

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    “Our marriage has no hierarchy, just mutual respect of roles.”

    That said, Doug is the leader of the family. “I choose to lead our family, and you give me that trust that you’ll support me no matter what,” he wrote. “Your opinion matters to me. I’m not close-minded to think I’m better than you. I’m not,” Doug clarified.


    In 2017, Chesca received mixed feedback about “submitting” to her husband, as mentioned in the Bible. Team Kramer had since defended her beliefs, saying that “when God established marriage and the roles of husband and wives, he did not make us any less or inferior to each other. We are created equal, but we have different responsibilities,” she wrote.

    Place God at the center of your relationship.

    The Kramers put God first. The family makes it a point to pray together and for each other. “There’s only so much we can control. So no matter what we do, we trust that God is [in] control of our lives. We surrender to Him and His plans for us,” Doug wrote.

    For their 10th wedding anniversary in 2018, Chesca was able to pull off her very first surprise anniversary gift for Doug as they renewed their vows in front of close family and friends. This year, 2019, Doug surprised his wife and daughters with new diamond rings.

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