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7 Careers Your Child Can Ace Based on Her Current Obsession!
  • By the time your child turns 2, you have a pretty good idea of her personality. And according to a recent study, our personality traits don’t differ as much from our early childhood versus adulthood.

    So, when you are asked what you want their children to be in the future, you’ll probably say, “Whatever they want to be.” Secretly, though, we’re sure some of you have gazed at your son or daughter and imagined their future selves based on their personality and interests.

    Of course, nothing is set in stone, but just for fun we asked our followers on the SmartParenting.com.ph Facebook page this question: “Based on your child’s current obsession, what will they be when they grow up?” We had a blast reading their answers, but we also wanted to help them nurture their child’s potential.

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    Here are seven jobs parents think their kids will have as adults



    Among the top answers were doctors, with some even specifying that their kids would be pediatricians. “She would always put bandages on her dolls and give them flu shots,” one mom notes.

    Another mom says her son would use a real stethoscope and place it on his parents’ chest, mimicking what real doctors would do. “He also loves wearing masks!”

    Other science-related obsessions: Scientist, veterinarian (one child loves reptiles!), nurse and paleontologist. A number of kids are apparently into dinosaurs! If you want to fuel your child's love for science, show her these books about notable Filipina scientists. It will surely spark her curiosity!


    From pretending to slice velcro veggies to preparing real food, parents are already imagining their children as future chefs. One mom shares a hilarious story: “One time, nagising ako ‘yung kaldero naming hawak-hawak niya na. Imbes magmuni-muni pa ako pagkadilat, nagising ako agad kasi mamaya ituktok niya sa ulo ko!”

    Kidding aside, you can totally enjoy kitchen activities with your toddler! “[Try] rolling dough, whisking fresh eggs, squeezing citrus fruits, peeling a banana, and slicing fruit,” Cherdyn Mojica of The Nanay Avenue shares. It's a great way to her more independent

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    Police officer

    Parents are the first to admit that the popularity of the TV series Ang Probinsiyano influences their children to want to become policemen. Based on their personality, though, we think children will become great cops — they’re great at patrolling mom’s every movement, can find missing (hiding!) people quickly (especially in the bathroom!), and are born interrogators. I mean, how many times have you heard them say, “Why? Why? Why? Why?”

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    Other variations are UFC or Muay Thai fighter, basketball player and ninja. With a kid’s boundless energy, this actually makes sense. A study even found that children are as fit as endurance athletes!

    If you want your kids to become future athletes, it’s best to engage them with physical activities. Encouraging your child to take up a sport can improve his social skills, strengthen his leadership qualities, boost his self-esteem and confidence, and may even help improve his academic performance. Most of all, he’ll learn grit and resilience, which are key personality traits of successful individuals.

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    You can blame or thank YouTube for this one, but a number of parents have said their children will likely grow up to be vloggers or makeup artists. And you know what, toddlers are suited for this!

    Think about it: They tell you everything they’re doing. Sure, they talk a mile a minute and sometimes you can’t even understand what they’re saying but you can’t help but be engaged because they’re just so charming!

    According to studies, those who are talkative and verbally fluent as children grow up smart, interested in intellectual matters, and in control of situations. As a future vlogger, your children will definitely be able to command an audience. Confidence is key!

    Singer or musician

    They say Pinoys are born performers, so it’s not surprising that children are ‘obsessed’ with singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. Apart from local acts, children are also inspired by Korean boy and girl groups, who undergo years of training to become skillful singers and dancers.

    Did you know that musical training can help set up your child for success? It also gives them a major confidence boost! With summer coming up, it might be a good idea to enroll your child in a workshop or two.

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    Parents whose children are obsessed with Minecraft, Lego, and other games might not know that their kids are meant for greatness — but we hope they nurture these interests properly.

    There’s a global consensus that children should (and can) be taught how to code at a very early age. Thanks to advancements in technology, we’ve seen renewed interest in the subjects of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, which is “something we need to encourage and support if we want our country (and our kids) to be competitive in a future that’s already knocking at our door,” according to dad and tech editor Karlo Samson. Coding enhances children’s creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and develops patience.

    Isn’t it fun to dream about the possibilities of what our children can achieve as adults? It can definitely keep us sane while navigating our toddler’s silly antics. Just think — crazy now, genius later!

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