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Solenn Is Prepping Tili To Be An Ate While Making Sure 'It’s Not All About The New Baby'
  • It’s obvious that Solenn Heussaff is enjoying her second pregnancy. Once she walked in to Cetaphil’s Bright Healthy Radiance event last September 27 at Whitespace, she playfully took off her facemask as she sashayed to the stage.

    “Nico said he wanted my second pregnancy to be more about me and more about my mental health, because the first one I was in a bad place, this one I’m really really enjoying it,” she told Smart Parenting.

    Compared to her first pregnancy, which is of course the only time she learned that she was prone to thrombosis or formation of blood clots, this pregnancy has been smooth sailing for the celebrity mom. 

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    “The first one we had a lot of issues, that I didn’t know existed because of course as a first time mom, you don’t learn in school what pregnancy is like. You think you just get pregnant and then you pop and you don’t know all the complications that can come, she said.

    “So the first one was a little bit shocking because we had a lot of issues with growth and stuff like that so it was a very difficult pregnancy. But then we have a healthy child so I’m so happy, said Solenn.


    The Bolzicos entered the journey to their second child knowing what was up ahead so they knew exactly how to prepare for it.

    “For this second one since we kind of know what my problem was with the first pregnancy, we kind of treated it early. So I started injecting early, explained Solenn.

    Now on her seventh month and roughly two months away from her delivery date, Solenn is happy to share that baby number two’s growth is on track and her blood flow is healthy.

    Becoming a mom of two

    Is it safe to say that Solenn is a much more confident mom now that she’s already given birth and passed the newborn stage before?

    “I’m more confident in the sense where I’m not preparing too much, whereas the first one I was reading so many books, so many websites, she said.

    Solenn adds, “I was buying everything recommended to me—I probably used 20 percent of. And all first-time moms will raise their hand to admit guilt.

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    This time around Solenn says she still hasn’t bought anything and is happy she can reuse Tili’s clothes because they’re having another girl. She is however, planning to brush up on breastfeeding because she feels she’s forgotten a bit about it and the postpartum period, perhaps because she experienced a bit of difficulty with her first.

    “But when it comes to feeding I feel like I need to research again because I forgot the whole first four months of my first pregnancy because the breastfeeding and postpartum was difficult, like a blackout, so I need to relearn it, she said.“And again they said every child is different so I don’t know if it will be harder or easier but it’s still an exciting journey.

    How to juggle two kids

    Solenn and Nico have been open about not hiring a nanny or yaya for Tili because she wanted to be hands-on with their daughter and to this day, her firstborn has no yaya.

    “Right now she’s extra clingy. Like extra, extra, she’s acting like a baby again. So let’s see what happens. Right now I’m at Whatever happens, happens. I don’t want to be prepared too much, Solenn said.

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    She’s also been preparing Tili to be a big sister by reminding her of what’s coming soon. “I prepare Tili every day, ‘Oh you’re going to be a big sister’ but I also try not to talk about it too much. I don’t want her to think all my attention is here (baby), so I still spend a lot of time with her.


    Since Solenn doesn’t work every day these days, she gets to clock in lots of quality time with Tili. But what does she plan to do once she gives birth? How will she divide her time?

    “For this one I’m planning to hire a midwife so at least during the day, I can just be with Thylane since she (points to her pregnant belly) is not going to feel anything yet ‘pag baby.

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    Solenn added, “So at night I’ll be full on and in the morning when somebody else can take care of baby number 2, I’ll be with Thylane just to make sure she knows she’s as important.

    When it comes to parenting, Solenn said she just hopes to teach her daughters two things: respect and happiness. “At the end of the day for me it’s about respecting people and being happy. So if I can teach them those two things, I think they can go far in life.

    Glowing buntis tips

    During the same event, Solenn shared her skincare routine. She is the face of Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance which she said she loves using because she prefers a no fuss, no frills routine.

    After a long day out she enjoys washing her face using the Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser and also swears by Brightening Day Protection Cream with SPF 15 for sun protection and even as a base to her makeup. And Solenn would know because she’s also a trained makeup artist.


    Solenn likes to scrub her skin twice a week and she says that from the new line, she loves the Perfecting Serum.

    Her beauty advice is “once you find the product that works for you, just stick with that, drink a lot of water because that’s part of beauty and hydration, and make sure to always clean your face at night no matter how tired you are.

    “Because you don’t want to leave any dirt and residue in your skin, Solenn said.



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