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  • 'Blippi!' Getting Married Got Parents Cheering: Who Is He And Why Do Families Love Him?

    Think of this as your intro to the Blippi world!
    by Maita de Jesus .
'Blippi!' Getting Married Got Parents Cheering: Who Is He And Why Do Families Love Him?
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  • In case you missed it, Stevin John, the actor who plays Blippi, recently got engaged. It got moms all over the world rejoicing!

    Who is Blippi and why is he so popular?

    Kids 4 years old and below will instantly light up when you show them a Blippi video. Wearing his signature blue and orange outfit, Blippi is a friendly and familiar face to your kiddos. His educational videos get millions of views, and with hundreds of videos dating back to 2014, your child will have hours of fun with Blippi!

    With over 13.1 million subscribers on YouTube, Blippi’s got the same energy and excitement about life as your toddler, which is probably why kids love watching him. His videos are a mix of going on trips to child-friendly areas like playgrounds, zoos, and museums, and learning facts like the alphabet or shapes through fun experiments, songs, and activities that are simple enough for kids to understand.


    What makes Blippi so popular with the kids is his infectious energy and his excitement for what he does. There’s always something going on in his videos, whether he’s going down a water slide or explaining the parts of a helicopter — there’s never a dull moment in a Blippi video!

    From watching even just a few Blippi videos, you will see what sets it apart from other videos your child would see on YouTube. It’s well thought out, the quality is equal to those produced by the big TV networks (think Sesame Street and Hi-5 shows!), and the story is very engaging and upbeat.

    Must watch Blippi videos

    Curious to know more about Blippi? While there are hundreds of videos to choose from, some dating back to 2014 when he started, here are a few of Blippi’s biggest hits:

    Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids (800M+ views)

    Learning about jungle animals while in an indoor amusement park? No wonder this video was a huge hit! In this video, you would see Blippi going through the different rides, pointing out the animals you’ll see, or the animals that served as inspiration for the ride.

    Learn Colors and Numbers for Children  (300M+ views)

    In another video where Blippi finds himself in an indoor playground, he plays in the different areas while naming the colors of the toys he uses, counts items, and names them. Toward the end of the video, you will see Blippi on the race track, and showing the different parts of an aircraft. He even rides up and shows an aerial view of Hollywood — that part is enough to amaze even the adults!

    Recommended Videos

    Detective Blippi Video for Children | Police Videos for Kids (280+M views)

    This video takes the kids through an “investigation” to find out who stole Blippi’s lunch. Throughout the video, Blippi describes the colors of the things he encounters, the parts of the vehicles he sees, even a rundown of the list of items you will need to conduct a proper investigation from actual police officers — now that’s legit! 

    Watch for two actors playing Blippi! 

    The original Blippi is played by 33-year-old actor Stevin John, who has been Blippi since 2014. He created Blippi after seeing his then 2-year-old nephew watching a poorly made educational video on YouTube.

    From the color of his outfit to his acting, Stevin made sure that everything was kid-friendly, and the videos were easy to search. The first video that Blippi made an appearance in, “Learn to count MONSTER TRUCKS! Numbers 1-10” shows that he knew what kids wanted, and how parents would search videos on YouTube — a smart move, Blippi!


    In May 2021, actor Clayton Grimm made his YouTube video debut as Blippi, making Blippi a character being played by two actors. Grimm played Blippi in the 2019 national run of Blippi the Musical in the United States.

    Grimm currently plays Blippi when the videos are shot in a set or a studio, while John is the one who goes “on the field” for the job.

    Playlists are updated almost daily

    If you want your child to focus on learning specific things, like numbers or colors, or you want to make sure that they watch videos that are made especially for their age, Blippi’s created playlists are the place to be.

    There are playlists such as “Early Education Videos”, “Learn Numbers for Children”, “Numbers and Math | Back to School”, with each playlist containing 200+ videos. It’s endless streaming of all things Blippi! 

    More channels 

    There’s a Blippi Toys channel that has over 7 million subscribers. He started the Blippi – Kids Songs channel a year ago, and there is a Blippi channel in four other languages. We can’t wait to see what other languages Blippi adds next!

    With almost daily content added daily, it’s no wonder kids can’t get enough of Blippi. Watch a video and you’ll instantly know why your kiddos are so hooked! 

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