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  • In Case You Need To Hear This Today: 'You're Not A Perfect Parent, But I See You Trying Really Hard'

    Teacher Rachel of Songs for Littles, whom your toddler loves to watch on YouTube, has a message for you, mom and dad.
    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
In Case You Need To Hear This Today: 'You're Not A Perfect Parent, But I See You Trying Really Hard'
  • If you are a parent of a toddler, then you must know Ms. Rachel Griffin or Teacher Rachel from the popular toddler learning video series, "Songs For Littles." 

    Parents at the Smart Parenting Village are raving about her - saying that her videos helped their kids talk, comprehend, and read!

    One mom even said, “Yes, maganda ito compared kay Cocomelon kasi para siyang actual teacher. ‘Yung interaction niya sa bata maganda kasi personal ang approach niya. Dahan-dahan niya binibigkas ‘yung words. Even kids with autism, effective siya.”

    Ms. Rachel, who is also a mom to a four-year-old, has a short but heartfelt message for all moms and dads.

    On their Facebook page "Songs For Littles," the educator and award-winning songwriter addressed parents in a video.

    "You're not a perfect parent, but I see you trying really hard, and loving so much.

    You're laughing, and playing, and caring. You're making mistakes, but you're learning and growing.


    You're always so tired, but you always keep going.

    I'm proud of you, and they are too. You're everything they need and more.

    So stop the guilt and replaying, and just enjoy them, and enjoy every day.

    You're doing amazing."

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    Raised by a single mom

    In the comment section, Ms. Rachel has been actively replying to the moms who were leaving her positive feedback.

    Moms said that they needed to hear this affirmation, and Ms. Rachel is happy to know that because she needed it too, "So glad it's helpful!!! I needed it so I figured other mamas might to! I'm proud of you for doing your best - its all we can do! XO"

    Ms. Rachel also comforted moms who commented that they are raising their child as solo parents. "My mom raised me as a single mom! (She's now married) I'm amazed by you! Keep up the great work!"

    A comment that warmed Ms. Rachel's heart was from a mom who said she 'saved' them during the Covid-19 pandemic. "I never let my son watch television before we were in total isolation, lacked childcare, and needed to continue to work from home.

    Your loving and gentle positivity and instruction lit up my little son’s lonely world; I was often moved to tears seeing his joy at your songs and dances. I don’t know if you can know how many “littles” you have helped, especially during this pandemic.

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    From the bottom of our family’s hearts - THANK YOU for providing quality programming for my son and so many other children. You and your crew are the Mr. Rogers of today!"

    Ms. Rachel replied, "This is the SWEETEST note! Now I'm crying! I'm so happy its been helpful. It's been a tough time for little ones and families and I'm so happy we brightened things a bit! Oooo Mr Rogers is my hero and number one inspiration! Can't thank you enough!"

    How to stop the guilt

    Here are just some of the tips from other celebrity moms on how to stop the mom or dad guilt (yes, dads feel guilty too).

    1. Make sure family gets enough of your time

    And by enough, it doesn't mean all. Toni Gonzaga, a mom of one, said this in a previous article, "Lagi kong sinasabi na if my work gets five yeses, my family should get equal yeses." She adds, "Hindi pwede yung puro yes, yes, yes, sa work tapos yung family mo yung nakakakuha palagi ng no," Toni added.

    Before the day ends, ask yourself, 'Naging okay ba ako na mommy today?' If the answer is no, you can try again tomorrow.

    "You cannot also compare yourself to [other moms]," Toni added. "Just look at your own journey as a mom and what's important is you see that your husband is happy, your kid is happy."

    2. Take care of yourself

    According to dad of two Jim Bacarro, he felt dad guilt especially during the pandemic. 


    “I overcompensated by doing so much stuff and trying to fill in everything in every minute that the boys are napping. I completely forgot about myself.”

    His wife, Saab Magalona, reminded him this. “Stop feeling guilty for caring about yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you want to not do anything.” 

    Remember, moms and dads, that the only way you can take care for your kids is when you take care of yourself first.

    3. Give yourself the chance to grow

    For Kyllie Padilla, a mom of two boys, motherhood inspired her to pursue her passions and even start a business.

    “It is difficult to juggle, and sometimes mom guilt gets the best of me,” Kylie said. “But I respect the fact that I can’t give my family the best version of me if I can’t give myself the chance to grow in all my other talents and grow as a person,” she said. 

    While being a parent is in itself a tough job, it's also an opportunity to see how much you can still grow as a person, given the new source of inspiration that is in front of you - your kids.

    Here's why we should stop assuming what moms can and cannot handle. 

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    • "Every day, you just ask yourself, 'Naging okay ba ako na mommy today?'" 

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