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  • Chesca, Doug Kramer Tries IVF For The Last Time: 'We’ve Gone Through 3 Failed IVFs Already'

    The Kramer couple says they will try for the fourth and last time.
    by Angela Baylon .
Chesca, Doug Kramer Tries IVF For The Last Time: 'We’ve Gone Through 3 Failed IVFs Already'
PHOTO BY (frome left) youtube/toni gonzaga studio, instagram/chekakramer
  • With millions of combined following online, many look up to Chesca and Doug Kramer's family of five for inspiration. Whether on home design, travel, financial goals, marriage, or child-rearing, the family dubbed as Team Kramer seems to have everything going well for them. But as the couple recently shared, they still have one thing they are praying for—baby number four.

    Chesca and Doug were recently featured on talk show host Toni Gonzaga's Youtube Channel, where they coursed through their married life.

    The Kramer couple marked their 13th wedding anniversary last October 2021. They have been blessed with three adorable kids, Kendra, 12, Scarlett, 10, and Gavin, 9.

    PHOTO BY instagram/chekakramer

    In 2019, the family moved into their stunning mountain house. In Toni's vlog, Chesca shared how hands-on Doug was in the planning and building of their family home.

    She shared, "From our first home, second home, this home, I have no any sort of involvement. Ang ginagawa lang ni Doug is pinapakita niya sakin. 'Oh honey, ito yung gagawin ko, gusto mo ba 'to. Kung hindi mo gusto 'to anong gusto mo.'"

    PHOTO BY Instagram/dougkramer

    The 41-year-old mom shared how much she appreciates her husband for taking charge in handling the details of building the house, which afforded her time to focus on the kids. It was really a show of partnership between a married couple.

    "You know, I'm so happy because he really gave me a chance to just really focus and stay at home to watch over the children," Chesca said.

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    God's role in the Kramer family

    For Doug and Chesca, their faith was really a key driver of the success they have now as a family.

    Time and again, the couple has talked about working their way up, from having financial struggles before to leading a more comfortable life now.

    Doug considers those humble beginnings they had, when they were just starting their family, as just God's way of "pruning" them as individuals. "I truly believe that every person, every family, every couple goes through pruning, and it's only to highlight God's strength."

    For Chesca, it was when she got pregnant that she started to fully grasp how and why God should be the center of their family. "Soon after I got pregnant and I had Kendra, I really felt God's love.

    As in when I held my daughter for the first time, I said 'What is this love?'"

    The mom of three recalled how in awe she was of God's love for giving her the blessing of family."Prior to that, when I was single, I would be so frustrated with a lot of things... It is when I stopped looking at other people's lives, making myself think that I'm so much better than all of them, then did I see that, you know, I'm not better. I'm so self-centered.


    "Gumagawa pa ako ng deal kay Lord, ginagawa ko siyang cosmic God, genie na 'Bigay mo 'to sakin, ito gagawin ko.

    "But only when He took my eye off the worldly things and made me look at Him and made me see Him through my family, did I really feel truly blessed."

    The couple only has God to credit for everything they are enjoying now in life. And it is only in their faith that they also hold on to make their wish of having another baby come true. 

    Going through failed IVF attempts

    "I appreciate my wife so much because it's hard to have that kind of failure and thinking that it's your fault. But she still continues to try the second, the third, and then the fourth." - Doug Kramer

    Of course, like any couple or family, Team Kramer still also go through bumps here in there but what makes their marriage work, Doug shares, is that they never let an argument last for over a day.

    This is one of the things Chesca says that makes Doug a good husband, apart from being a sincere servant of the Lord.

    "Really honoring me as a wife and putting me ahead of himself. And then, of course, the children. Making sure he provides for the children not just financially, not just in material ways, but also with love and affection." 

    She further expounds, "That's so important for a father to love his children and have that relationship because there's a different kind of confidence that a father gives when he is there, present."

    PHOTO BY instagram/ doug kramer

    For his part, when asked what he is most grateful for Chesca, Doug made a quick pause, looked at his wife before putting into words his heartfelt answer, which centered on trust:

    "You know, for me, it's really easy to do stupid things if I wanted to. But I feel like because she has given me the trust to lead the family, I feel like I have so much accountability that I need to uphold every single day.

    "Trust is not easy to give, and I feel like when I look at my wife, I really see that she trusts me. And I don't want to ruin it."

    PHOTO BY youtube/toni gonzaga studio

    This is also where Doug has opened up about their in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey as they try to have baby number four. 

    "You know, for me to appreciate Cheks also, a lot don't know, we haven't said this enough. We've gone through three failed IVFs already post-Gavin.


    "She's been ligated for medical reasons before. But we've gone through three failed IVFs. Right now, we're on our fourth." To which Chesca, adds, "And our last."

    Doug continues, "But for me, I appreciate my wife so much because it's hard to have that kind of failure and thinking that it's your fault. But she still continues to try the second, the third, and then the fourth."

    Chesca and Doug's IVF journey

    The couple first announced that they had decided to pursue IVF to help them conceive as early as February 2019.

    Ligation is a form of permanent birth control, which the actress had to go through after her last two successive pregnancies took a toll on her body.

    In Doug's 2019 post, he is well aware that their IVF journey is going to be "a long and complicated process." This proved to be true when, unfortunately, the couple revealed in September 2019 that they had gone through two failed IVF attempts.

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    Despite this, they kept their hopes up and continued to pray that one day, the nursery they had kept in their "forever" home would no longer be empty.

    Doug's 2019 Instagram story where he and Chesca opened up about going through two failed IVF attempts.
    PHOTO BY instagram/dougkramer

    Over two years have passed, and the couple still keeps their faith that Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin will soon have another baby sibling. But whether or not this will happen, Doug has made it clear that it will not test their faith."If it's the Lord's Will, then so be it. If it's not, then we trust Him even more," he said in a previous post.

    What is IVF procedure?

    IVF is a procedure that involves harvesting a woman's eggs and a man's sperm. Fertilization or conception happens in a laboratory.

    After a few days, the fertilized egg or embryo is transferred to the woman's uterus for implantation. Its success rate in the Philippines is about 35 to 50 percent, mainly depending on the woman's age and health. (Read more about the IVF procedure here)


    Some of the known personalities who have gone through this process are Dra. Vicki Belo, entrepreneur Joel Cruz, and former news anchor Korina Sanchez. (How much does it cost to go through IVF? Read here)

    A woman detailed how her IVF journey helped her become a mom at 41. Read her story here.

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