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'Akala Ko Nga Huli Na, Hindi Pa Pala!' Smokey Manaloto Reveals He Is A First-Time Dad In His 50s
  • In true Smokey Manaloto fashion, the new dad took to TikTok his announcement that he is now a father.

    He said, "Sabi nila wala ka nang pag-asa. Sabi nila, huli ka na sa biyahe. Akala ko nga huli na, hindi pa pala! Eto na yung something big na nangyari sa akin!"

    @smokeymanaloto First post!!! Welcome to my tiktok account! Enjoy!!! #thebigevent  #firsttimedaddy #firstbaby #fyp #foryoupage #firstpost #smokeymanaloto ? What I Never Knew I Always Wanted - Carrie Underwood

    The actor, who is now 51 as clarified on Instagram, shared his parenthood journey with her non-showbiz partner, from finding out that they were pregnant in December 2021, to welcoming their baby on August 4, 2022. 

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we would like you to meet our Kiko Manaloto," the comedian said.

    In an interview with Pia Arcangel aired in February 2020, Smokey shared that he started his showbiz career in 1981 when he auditioned for Kulit Bulilit. Since then, he became a reputable actor and comedian for various TV shows and movies, like Home Along Da Riles.

    Now his 3-day-old TikTok account is turning into a platform where he can share his parenting journey that is a breath of fresh air to netizens. 


    One of his latest posts showed him and his son in a swaddle, and he captioned it, "Big Kiko x Small Kiko." His wife can be heard narrating, "Ang laki na pala ng Kiko ko! Ay, hindi pala!" 

    @smokeymanaloto Big “Kiko” X Small “Kiko” #fyp #firsttimedad #funnyvideos #smokeymanaloto #walalang ? original sound  - Smokey Manaloto

    We'll expect more funny content from this first-time dad, just like new dads Cong TV and our very own Smart Parenting Dad Squad Jing Ruiz

    Becoming a first-time dad at 40

    According to an WebMD, first-time dads in their 40s have become more common, but there are only a few studies that discuss the risks of becoming an older dad.

    In a 2018 study by Michael Eisenberg, MD, an associate professor of urology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, they found that children of men ages 45 to 54 have a 14 percent higher risk of premature birth and low birth weight, compared with those fathered by men ages 25 to 34.

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    This can be attributed to DNA mutations caused by the dad's lifestyle - may it be poor diet, obesity, or lack of exercise. "Those could potentially put a pregnancy at risk," said Eisenberg, "but we don't know for certain at this point."

    Regardless of age, Eiseberg has this tip to soon-to-be and new dads: take good care of yourself. "I talk to fathers-to-be about exercising as well as maintaining a good diet and a healthy body weight," Eisenberg says. "Anything that affects your heart will affect your fertility."

    Congratulations, Smokey! You and your partner are welcome to join the Smart Parenting Village.

    Smart Parenting is also on TikTok! Follow us here.

    *Erratum: We initially published Smokey's age is 44, citing an ABS-CBN story, but the actor clarified on Instagram on August 11 that his correct age is 51.

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