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  • Bangs Garcia Considered VBAC But Chose C-Section Instead: 'We Wanted To Be More Relaxed'

    Her first pregnancy was very stressful and painful.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • Valerie “Bangs” Garcia-Birchmore gave birth to her second daughter, Isabella on July 21, 2020 in the United Kingdom. She shared her birthing experience on her YouTube channel, including how she and her husband, Lloyd Birchmore prepared for their new baby’s arrival.

    On her vlog, Bangs reveals she first thought of attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) but eventually opted for a planned or “elective” C-section (as they call it in the U.K.).

    “May mga nakausap ako na nag-C-section for their first child and then they had a natural birth on their second pregnancy. So, there’s a possibility na magiging successful yung natural birth during their second,” Bangs explained. “But my husband and I talked about it and we decided to just be relaxed this time since we had a very stressful experience in 2017.”

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    The stressful experience Bangs was talking about was related to the birth of their first child, Amelia, almost three years ago. Though she hoped for a normal delivery, she had to have an emergency C-section because she was not able to get fully dilated despite being in labor for a long time. (Read her story here.)

    “It’s not yet three years since the last time I’ve given birth, so there’s a tendency that my wound would still open up and I might just end up having a C-section again so might as well plan it. I’m excited to go to the hospital and have it stress-free,” Bangs says in her vlog.


    Since Bangs could choose a date to give birth, she was able to calmly prepare for the big day. In the video, she was able to take a bath, put her makeup on, dress comfortably, and even curl her hair! “The beauty of a planned C-section,” she joked as she and Lloyd drove up to the hospital with ease.

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    “What a difference experience this is — you walking toward having a baby,” Lloyd says in the video. Bangs then adds, “In 2017, I was in so much pain, I scratched Lloyd’s face.”

    “You couldn’t even walk [then],” Lloyd says. “How fun is this?”

    The couple left home at 7:00 in the morning and Bangs gave birth to Isabella at 9:30 in the hospital. It wasn’t clear if Lloyd was allowed in the operating room, but they were able to snap a photo with their little one right after birth.

    The good news was the mom was able to bond with her daughter right away! After recovering from the surgery, Bangs was able to breastfeed Isabella who was “latching very, very well.” Lloyd also couldn’t wait to hold their baby and giving her kisses.

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    So cute! According to Bangs, the red hat is for babies who may need more neonatal observations by a nurse as babies born through C-sections are more at risk of infections.
    PHOTO BY YouTube/Bangs Garcia-Birchmore
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    The next day, Bangs was cleared to go home. Unlike her first pregnancy, Bangs was able to walk out of the hospital on her own, though admittedly “still in a little bit of pain.”

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple were not allowed an extended stay, nor were they allowed any visitors (apart from Lloyd). (It’s a similar situation if you give birth here in the Philippines, too.)

    When they got home, ate Amelia was a little bit shy at first when she saw her baby sister, but she quickly became excited as she spent more time with the baby. “I love Isabella,” she exclaimed.

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    Watch the full video of Bangs' birth vlog here:

    So precious! We can’t wait to catch more of Bang’s adventures with her two daughters!

    Think you can be a candidate for VBAC? Find out here.

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