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  • “Health is wealth” is a common adage that most people strive to live by, especially us moms. We all know that being healthy and fit is extremely important, and is one of the ways for us to live a full life.

    Putting that knowledge into practice, though, can be quite challenging, especially if you feel that you already have too much on your plate as a mom. Don’t fret — here are some easy-to-do exercises that you can easily fit into your daily schedule:

    1. Jumping Jacks
    Jumping jacks are an easy way to get your heart pumping and your metabolism revved up.  

    By doing 3 sets of 100 “jacks” throughout the day, you’ll be able to burn 60 calories each day, the equivalent of 1/4 cup of cooked white rice . This may not seem much, but remember that when it comes to getting fit, every little thing matters!

    It should take you only about 2 minutes to complete each set. Do one set before you step into the bath in the morning, and try to squeeze two more sets within the day. You can burn more calories if you add a simple “cardio routine,” like 30 minutes of walking.

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    2. Squats
    According to health and fitness advocate Dr. Joseph Mercola, squats not only help to build your leg muscles, “they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building.” They also improve your flexibility and help with waste removal.

    Make time to do the squats - 30 repetitions a day -- in the morning before you start any activity, and it will surely wake you up.


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    3. Chair Dips
    This exercise works on your triceps, making for more toned upper arms, and improved upper body strength and tone. The best thing about it? All you need is a chair and your own body!

    This exercise can be easily squeezed in while you're checking your email at home. Take a break and do some chair dips.

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    4. Lunges
    Lunges help strengthen your legs and buttocks, plus improve your core strength, which in turn leads to better balance and posture. They also improve the flexibility of your hip muscles.

    You can easily incorporate lunges into your daily routine because they are quick and easy to do -- say, while tidying up your room -- and you don’t need any special equipment to do so. If you want to take things to a higher level, you can add dumbbells to your routine.

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    5. “In place” exercises
    Fitness expert and creator of fitness DVDs Sweat Unlimited Sara Haley recommends this quick and easy-to-do exercise for working your full body and getting your heart pumping hard:

    Waiting for the washing machine to beep? Walk or run in place for 1 minute, making sure to pump your arms for maximum calorie burn. “In the last 15 seconds, take it up to a sprint," Haley adds.

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    Fitting in exercise into our already-full days may be difficult to do (or so we think), but it is definitely worth doing. In the end, our bodies (and our families!) will thank us for it!

    Important note: Always consult with your doctor before starting any fitness routine or doing any regular exercises.   

    What exercises do you do on a daily basis?


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