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  • You Don't Have To Hide From Your Child Every Time You Need To Cry. This Is Why

    It might sound strange, but this can help you raise emotionally-intelligent kids.
    by Kate Borbon .
You Don't Have To Hide From Your Child Every Time You Need To Cry. This Is Why
  • It’s not just boys who are taught to believe that it’s better to keep their feelings bottled up inside; parents can be subjected to this belief, too. Many might think they shouldn’t let their kids see them get emotional, but according to experts, crying in front of your kids sometimes can be beneficial for them. Here are five reasons why.

    Why it’s okay to let your child see you cry sometimes

    1. Because adults can get emotional, too.

    It’s completely natural for adults can also get overcome by emotion, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Just because you’re older and more experienced doesn’t mean that you have to keep it together all the time. Give yourself a break, moms and dads!

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    2. Because it shows your child that emotions are human.

    HuffPost writes that letting your child see you cry occasionally can normalize feelings, which helps to raise emotionally-intelligent kids. “If a parent is crying in response to a situation that also upsets their children (like the death of a grandparent or other family member), letting them witness this grief can help the kids realize they aren’t alone in their sadness.” This sense of collective grief can, in turn, can tell a child that sadness is okay and figure out what he can do to cope.

    3. Because it can build empathy.

    In connection with the first point, when a child learns that emotions are human, he also begins to understand that everyone can be vulnerable at times. This can help him learn how to respond whenever he encounters someone who is going through an emotional moment.

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    4. Because it can be turned into a learning opportunity.

    Child psychologist Jillian Roberts tells HuffPost that allowing your kids to see you cry sometimes can be a way to teach them important life lessons. “When we talk about our own emotional experiences and how we have learned to regulate them with our children, we are both teaching them a life skill and giving them permission to talk about their own experience, which is very healthy.”

    5. Because it can be a great step towards healing.

    Keeping all your big emotions bottled up inside can damage your mental health and make moving on more difficult. According to Aleteia.org, learning how to go through those difficult feelings is a healthy first step to release the pain and stress so you can then look for ways to move forward and receive comfort from your loved ones.

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