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  • We've All Heard Of The 'Man Cave.' But What About Creating Your Very Own 'Mom Cave'?

    You deserve a relaxation space to call your own, moms.
    by Kate Borbon .
We've All Heard Of The 'Man Cave.' But What About Creating Your Very Own 'Mom Cave'?
  • Me-time is one of those things moms crave but typically struggle to get. There are instances when you do have the time to sit down and relax, but it’s still hard to disconnect for a moment because you can’t find a place where you can go to rest while still being near your kids so you can look after them.

    Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to your me-time woes: Creating your very own “Mom Cave!”

    It’s very common to hear about men having their own space to hang out in when they want to chill out. Now, the idea of a Mom Cave is gaining popularity among moms who need a place to take a time-out as well.

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    A Mom Cave is a small place where you can go to take a break from all your responsibilities and focus on recharging your energy. You can use this space to enjoy your hobbies, like reading or making crafts or simply catching up on some sleep.


    “Mom Caves offer women a sanctuary within their own homes to do things they love,” interior designer Elaine Griffin tells SheKnows. “It is not an indulgent space—it is a functional, restorative place where the woman who nurtures everyone else goes to nurture herself.”

    Griffin continues, “Nurturing the people we love is an act of joy, but at the end of the day, we need a place to retreat to, where we can relax, restore and recharge ourselves. Just as we had to give ourselves permission to carve out ‘me time’ to take care of ourselves, we’re also giving ourselves permission to have a ‘me space,’ too!”

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    Some moms convert spare rooms in their homes into Mom Caves, but you don’t need a large space to create your own. Even a small area furnished with the furniture or supplies you need to do the activities you love will do.

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    What’s important is that it’s a space that allows you to relax and recharge, so by the time you go back to your tasks, you feel renewed and energized.

    To make the most of your Mom Cave, you can try requesting that your partner or relatives watch over the kids for a moment while you get your well-deserved rest. While there, enjoy a few moments of peace. You deserve it!

    Would you ever try creating your own Mom Cave at home? Tell us about your experience in the comments or share it with other moms at Smart Parenting Village!

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