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  • ‘Baka Mapasma!’ Pedia Shares When And How Many Times Kids Can Take A Bath

    When it comes to caring for your child’s skin, it's best to listen to the experts.
    by Maita de Jesus .
‘Baka Mapasma!’ Pedia Shares When And How Many Times Kids Can Take A Bath
  • How often does your child take a bath?

    There's been a lot of buzz recently as Hollywood celebrity parents shared anecdotes about their children — and even themselves — skipping a bath. Most have said that unless you can see actual dirt on their child, or they can already smell the “stink,” then there’s no need for their kids to take a bath.

    Bath time myths, answered

    Because of these answers, did you question yourself and wonder if you're doing it wrong? SmartParenting.com.ph was able to ask an expert about some bath time myths and here are her clarifications.

    Filipino kids need to take a bath daily

    According to Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. Marivi Dizon, your child needs to take a bath daily. During an event for Johnson's Baby, Dr. Dizon explains that what they do in cooler climates like in the United States can’t be done here in the Philippines.

    “We get a lot of tips from references that are mostly North American — US, Europe. Their concerns, their environment is totally different from Asian countries, especially the Philippines. There they have winter; here it’s [a] hot, humid environment,”  she says.

    “Having said that, we easily sweat, and sweat is an irritant. It can break down the skin and create eczema,” the doctor adds.

    Eczema or atopic dermatitis, according to Mayo Clinic, is when the skin gets itchy and red. Dr. Dizon explains that bathing is what will lessen the irritants on your child’s skin.

    'Pasma' is not real!


    “But the frequency of bathing is another issue,” Dr. Dizon adds, saying that some parents are afraid of bathing their child when they’re tired or sweaty because they’re scared their child will get pasma.

    “It’s a cultural thing, but it’s a myth! Even your rheumatologist will know that. I will always advise to take a shower, best twice a day, but that number would depend on your child’s environment,” she shares.

    Keep a clean home

    How many times your child needs to take a bath depends on their “world.” There could also be dirt or irritants to watch out for even when they are confined inside their crib. “As soon as they’re crawling on the floor, going outside to play in the garden, running, it’s best to take a shower twice a day,” Dr. Dizon recommends.

    She also mentions VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which are chemicals that can be found in different materials around the home, such as home building materials like paints or cleaning products, and personal care products, to name a few. “Coming into contact with these can create an eczema on the skin, so it’s best to keep our house clean.” 

    Water is not enough to clean skin

    While you need bath products that are gentle on your child’s skin, it also needs to be effective — and using just water to clean up will not be enough, says Dr. Dizon.

    “The dirt cannot go away from the skin unless there’s a vehicle, and we need the cleanser — not water alone. It needs to effectively grab that dirt and drive it away from the skin. Also important? Moisturize, because it repairs the skin, and it’s protective,” she adds. 

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    Knowledge is power, and what you do with what you learn every day makes you a better mom. Take your advice from experts, and you’re sure you’ll do what’s best for your child!

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