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  • Awww! A 6-Year-Old Wrote To Us With A Suggestion How To End The COVID-19 Pandemic

    She penned a letter to the President to discuss her idea, which involves robots!
    by Kate Borbon . Published Apr 21, 2020
Awww! A 6-Year-Old Wrote To Us With A Suggestion How To End The COVID-19 Pandemic
PHOTO BY courtesy of Winnie Cabaccan
  • Kids come up with the most creative and out-of-this-world ideas, and not even the COVID-19 pandemic or the enhanced community quarantine can stop those ideas from coming.

    One idea we’re loving right now comes from 6-year-old Jowie Lica Cabaccan, who sent us a letter via her mom. It was addressed to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, and the subject is what she believes is the best solution to the pandemic: Robots!

    “I have an idea on how to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Jowie began her letter. “You just have to build a robot! Because robots cannot get infected with COVID-19. They can replace the doctors and nurses so that the doctors and nurses can rest at home and be with their family. The doctors can monitor the robots in their CCTV at home.”

    She added, “And also the robots can do other tasks. You can just choose the task from the cool buttons located at the back of the robot or use your computer to control it.”

    To end her letter, Jowie wrote, “I hope you like my idea. Call me or send me a letter if you need help like if you cannot program the robot in the computer.”

    In a letter addressed to the Philippine president and sent to us, Jowie suggested using robots to monitor COVID-19 patients so that doctors and nurses could go home.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Winnie Cabaccan
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    Jowie also penned another letter to the doctors and nurses working tirelessly to flatten the curve. “I like how you treated the COVID-19 patients. Now you are tired but you are still taking care of them,” she began, then suggested, “Why don’t I take care of you now so you have courage to take care of the patients again[?]”

    As an end to her letter, Jowie wrote: “For all the doctors that died this is a reminder to always still look after us and pray for us here on earth. Thank you [and] good luck to all of you.”

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    Jowie wrote another letter to thank doctors and nurses for their efforts to end the pandemic. “Thank you [and] good luck to all of you,” she wrote.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Winnie Cabaccan

    In an email interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, her mom Winnie shared, “Jowie knew that we have [limited] number of doctors and nurses. And a number of them died because of their exposure to the virus. This is where her idea of using Robots came from.”

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    Winnie added that according to Jowie, the robots would be capable of more than just looking after COVID-19 patients. “Their hands are built with injections to administer vaccines to the patients, and they also have built-in ovens in their tummy so they will be the one to cook and serve foods to the patients.

    “Her ideas seem to be out of this world, but hey, they make sense!” Winnie gushed.

    Jowie’s mom Winnie shared that her daughter is inquisitive and imaginative. 
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Winnie Cabaccan

    Jowie also enjoys writing short stories and songs. Winnie added that Jowie keeps a diary that her mom and dad aren’t allowed to read!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Winnie Cabaccan

    Winnie says that her daughter “has a deep and intense feeling and reaction [to] what’s happening around her. She has always been inquisitive and can express her thoughts eloquently. She also has vivid imaginations. She’s into writing — she writes short storiessongs, and she has a diary (which she keeps to herself — mom and dad are not allowed to read because it is ‘confidential’).”


    Beyond the robots, Winnie says that Jowie aims to encourage others to “see a light at the end of the tunnel” through her letters. “Amid all the chaos brought about by this pandemic, we must come together to win this battle. Together, we will rise and emerge victorious.”

    For the latest COVID-19 cases, check out our reportr COVID-19 case tracker. For the latest news and updates on COVID-19, check out reportr.world/covid-19.

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