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  • How To Raise Happy And Successful Kids: Pediatrician-Mom Shares 5 Secrets

    Be present and enjoy the small moments.
    by Kitty Elicay .
How To Raise Happy And Successful Kids: Pediatrician-Mom Shares 5 Secrets
  • Every parent wants the best for their kids. More than achieving academic success, however, moms and dads are discovering that their children’s happiness is what’s most important. For kids to thrive, they need a warm, positive environment where they are loved, where they feel secure, and where they are free to explore without fear.

    How to raise happy and successful kids

    Various research has shown that happy kids are more likely to grow up as accomplished adults. How can we ensure this? Here are some ways:

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    1. Be present.

    For Dr. Tiffany Otto Knipe, a pediatrician, mom, and founder of Washington Market Pediatrics in New York, USA, making a child happy starts with our constant presence. “We must disconnect in order to connect with our children,” she writes in an article for Mother.ly. “This can be quite challenging, but I aim to find time each day to turn my phone off, put it in another room or just vow not to check it for some period of time. Then, I try to forget about it and be present with my children.”

    Parents rely on their gadgets and devices especially now that they are working from home, but your smartphone use doesn’t go unnoticed by your kids. According to a global survey done in 2015, children feel unimportant whenever their parents used their phones during mealtimes, conversations, when watching television, and playing outside. Remember to set aside enough time with your children without interruptions and give them your full attention — this simple gesture will be much appreciated.


    2. Enjoy the small moments.

    Kids grow up so fast, so cherish your time together, moms and dads. “Especially the small ones. Even the embarrassing ones,” writes Dr. Knipe. “Those moments are beautiful and unique.”

    Doctors will often ask about developmental milestones, but you can also celebrate those that are not found in textbooks. The first time your child says, “I love you,” and learns to show affection. The first time they walk without a stroller or even their first full-blown tantrum. These will make your heart melt when your child achieves it, while they’ll be overjoyed knowing that mom and dad are always watching over them.

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    3. Instill good habits.

    “From good sleep and healthy eating, to manners and values: Lay the foundations as soon as possible and build on them,” says Dr. Knipe.

    Kids model their behavior from their parents — treat your spouse with kindness and respect so your kids will treat their friends the same way. Say “please,” “thank you,” and “sorry,” so your children will incorporate that into their vocabulary. Lastly, let your kids learn real love from home — praise and support your husband or wife, make them happy, and treat them well.

    4. Be flexible and learn to compromise.

    “Some parenting rules DO need to be black and white (e.g., don’t touch the stove, don’t open the door for strangers), but many things don’t,” notes Dr. Knipe. “Figure out what matters to your family. Define the lines. Let the grays in. Choose your battles.”

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    5. Make mistakes.

    “It’s the only way to learn anything, even parenting,” says Dr. Knipe. It’s also the perfect time to show your kids that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

    Parents play a big role in helping their children turn challenging moments into learning opportunities, so show them that you acknowledge your errors and that you’ll do better next time. At the same time, be patient when the kids make mistakes, and make them feel unconditional love. Positive reinforcement does wonders in boosting a child’s emotions!

    What does science say about raising happy kids? Click here to learn more secrets.

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