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  • Moms And Dads, Here Are 3 Brilliant Opportunities To Get Your Active Child Learning!

    Try these hacks that real parents tried with their kiddos.
    by Kate Borbon .
Moms And Dads, Here Are 3 Brilliant Opportunities To Get Your Active Child Learning!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Beejay Bautista, Vanessa Salva
  • As children grow up, they need different opportunities to learn and explore the world around them. From developmentally-appropriate toys to trips to places catered to educating kids, there are many ways parents can expose their children to limitless chances for learning. Here are three examples you can try, courtesy of real moms!

    3 learning opportunities for active children

    Learn road signs by visiting a road safety park

    Din took her daughter Monica to the MMDA Road Safety Park, and the little girl truly looks like she had a blast!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Beejay Bautista

    In a 2019 article on SmartParenting.com.ph, mom Din Bautista talked about her daughter Monica, who has a deep fascination with road and traffic signs and everything related to transportation. To nurture that interest, Din brought Monica to the MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park which aims to teach kids about road safety. She also provided Monica with toys related to road signs and transportation.


    This story proves that it’s never too early to teach children about road safety, regardless of whether you travel via a car or public transportation. Din also noted that by allowing her daughter to embrace her interests, Monica’s vocabulary expanded significantly and her skills in language and creative thinking improved.

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    Enhance motor skills by playing outdoors

    Vanessa started instilling a love for nature in her son starting when he was only a few months old. Outdoor play is also a part of their daily routine!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Vanesssa Salva

    Instead of having your child spend the whole day indoors, encourage him to play outside! Mom Vanessa Salva told Smart Parenting that she would take her son Franco outside as early as four months of age so he could enjoy nature. As Franco grew up, Vanessa included nature walks, unstructured play, and sensory play in their daily routine. She also created a natural playground for her son, consisting of activities ranging from gardening to climbing equipment and sensory activities like playing with a DIY water xylophone.

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    Aside from being a source of fun, outdoor play is also wonderful for kids because it engages their senses and helps develop strong bodies and minds. Kids who are given lots of play experiences are also less likely to be clumsy and have better ability to pay attention and control their emotions, says pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom.

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    Hone his creativity by making DIY toys

    Among the toys that Margaret made for her son is a "quiet book" full of activities that will keep him entertained for hours.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Margaret Wuthrich-Sarmenta

    No need to spend a fortune on toys — why not try DIY-ing them, just like mom Margaret Wuthrich-Sarmenta? In a 2016 Smart Parenting article, Margaret shared the different toys she created for her son Lucas, which were made using recycled materials. For example, she used cardboard and tissue rolls to make a car garage and soft foam paper, buttons, strings, and more to make a “quiet book” full of activities to keep Lucas occupied.


    Margaret also shared that she would ask Lucas to help her make the toys: She would have him help with painting and tell her what he wants to be put on the toys. These toys helped strengthen the bond between her and Lucas while also teaching him to appreciate the simple things and nurturing his imagination.

    Creativity is a skill that your child will benefit from in many ways. It develops his problem-solving skills and makes him open to new ideas. Creative expression can also be crucial in helping him understand, deal with, and express his emotions, and nurtures a “can-do” attitude that will help him achieve success.

    Click here to learn about more activities for your child, recommended by a speech pathologist.

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