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  • Flat Puson Goals! Moms Share Their Secrets To Lose Postpartum Belly

    C-section moms attest to strategies and exercises to help get rid of their postpartum puson.
    by Dahl D. Bennett . Published Jul 15, 2020
Flat Puson Goals! Moms Share Their Secrets To Lose Postpartum Belly
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  • Many new moms will attest that fat in the belly and tummy is the hardest to get rid of. But gaining weight during pregnancy is what your body is supposed to do. The good news is the human body is incredibly flexible postpartum — there are many ways to get it back in shape.

    Take note, however, for those who’ve delivered via C-section, the recommended time to start any serious exercise routine is around six weeks after giving birth.

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    How to flatten your postpartum belly or puson

    So what is the best way to flatten postpartum puson, especially for moms who have undergone C-section? On our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, mom Cjoana, posed this question to fellow new moms.

    “Simula po kasi nang ipanganak ko baby ko, nagkaroon ako puson. One year na po siya [and] pure breastfed po siya, pero di pa din po nawawala. Ano po exercise pwede sa CS ma-suggest nyo?”

    Her post garnered some 330 comments on the Facebook group from moms who’ve tried different workouts, targeting postpartum belly bulge. Here are their suggestions, complete with exercise apps that worked for them, and that just might work for you.

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    Don’t just focus on core exercises

    Mom Panlaqui says not to focus on too many core workouts. “You will be missing a lot,” she warns. “Lalakas lang ang core muscles mo pero hindi necessarily mababawasan ang body fat sa tiyan.”

    She suggests finding a program that will involve the whole body since fat is not just concentrated on the tummy but throughout the body. “You will burn more calories if your whole body is working compared to just working out your core muscles.”

    Mom Louise, on the other hand, emphasizes on rebuilding the core caused by diastasis recti. “Kailangan gumawa ng exercises to rebuild the core,” adding that CS moms should be cautious of strenuous exercises. “May mga exercises din to avoid like sit-ups, planks, and crunches because this causes doming/coning of the abdominal muscles.”


    For moms lucky enough not to have abdominal muscle separation caused by diastasis recti (read more about it here), “madadaan sa better food intake at pag bawas or pag tanggal ng sugar and junk food,” Louise advises.

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    Exercise plus diet for maximum results

    Mom Pristine says workouts alone won’t really do the trick. “Samahan mo ng low carb diet.” Sodas and other sweets should also be avoided, she adds and finally suggests moms check out Kim Chiu’s recent workout vlog. 

    Mom Pamela suggests a low-carb /keto diet to go with a regular workout. However, if you are breastfeeding, it is essential to check with your ob-gyn, whether such a diet is recommended.

    Mom Oneida swears by diet and exercise. “I’m nine months postpartum and CS twice, bikini cut. While she exercises daily, Oneida warns that CS moms should know their workout limits. “Hindi ko gina-guarantee na biglang mawawala yung bulge ng puson, pero through proper nutrition and determination, I’m getting there.”

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    Make use of apps

    Exercise apps, especially those designed for target areas like puson, proved to be a reliable, convenient, and effective way — not to mention cheap or free — for many moms on Smart Parenting Village.

    Mom Nicole shares she is doing the “30 Days Fitness Challenge.” “Maganda ang effect sa akin, nawala ang puson ko. CS mom din ako [and] kaka 1-year old lang ng baby ko,” she attests. She encourages other moms to be patient and resilient, and in time they will achieve their target weight. 

    Seven months after giving birth, Mom Bhelle, who downloaded the HITFIT app. This app features exercises and diet, specially designed for women. It also features routines they can do for just seven minutes, making it ideal for busy moms. “May susundin ka lang dun na workouts and meals.”

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    Many moms also swear by Emi Wong’s workouts on YouTube. The newly-married fitness guru based in Hong Kong started her YouTube Fitness workouts in 2017 and to date has around 1.6M followers.


    Mom Claire says she has been doing Emi Wong workouts for more than two months. And at the same time, “Nagbre-breastfeed pa din si baby ko and she’s 1 year and 5 months,” she says.

    Mom Mhaaii, also a CS mom, consulted her ob-gyn first even before following Wong’s workouts. With her baby already 11 months, she got the “go signal” and has been exercising and dieting for a month.

    Since no two bodies are the same, there is always a workout that will work best. It helps that there is a whole village — like Smart Parenting Village —encouraging another mom’s how their personal workout journey has gotten them closer to their flat puson goals.

    Click here to join us on Smart Parenting Village, and see what parents are talking and sharing about every day. 

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