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  • Since giving birth via Cesarean section to her second daughter, Isabella, we’ve already seen Valerie’ Bangs’ Garcia’s remarkable postpartum recovery. She mentioned it took a lot of discipline and motivation to get back to her pre-pregnant body. 


    The U.K.-based Pinay mom as had two cesarean sections, which many moms find more challenging to recover from than having a vaginal birth. She spilled her secrets to a flat tummy

    Bangs’s secrets to a flat tummy after two cesarean births

    “[Especially] helpful for CS mums who can’t do certain workouts yet and love to eat like me!’ Bangs wrote on Instagram. She also cautioned moms. “Our bodies heal differently, so it’s best to ask your doctor first,” the mom of two said.


    Here’s what Bangs did that worked for her:

    Wear high-waisted shaping panties and postpartum binder

    Even women who gave birth vaginally wear postpartum binders. For CS moms, it allows them to move easier. Bangs wore her postpartum binder eight hours daily. 

    Stomach in! 

    “I’m not saying that we should walk around sucking in our tummy all day! Do it at regular intervals throughout the day,” Bangs shared. It makes for good photos, and it also “activate our core muscles and help us maintain a good posture,” Bangs added. 

    Never starve yourself; eat healthily.

    Starving yourself just ruins your metabolism, says Bangs. She suggests eating healthily instead. The mom of two shared that eating an apple daily for detoxification, energy-boost, and increased metabolism. She also eats lots of fish or takes a fish oil supplement, which provides Omega-3 fatty acids

    She had also replaced rice with quinoa, which has fewer calories and carbs but higher protein and fiber. Bangs has also made it a habit of adding chia seeds in her food and drinks to prevent overeating. Vitamin C is also vital to her diet to combat stress, which can cause belly fat. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system. 

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    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    Bangs drinks water first thing in the morning to keep hydrated. It helps prevent water retention and allows the kidneys function and help eliminate waste more efficiently. 

    Do pelvic floor exercises.

    “It’ll help us lose extra belly fat and achieve flatter abs if done correctly,” Bangs says. Make sure you get your doctor’s approval before starting any exercise. 


    Just as in pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of changes. There’s no one magic formula to getting back to your pre-pregnant body or as close to it as possible. 

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