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  • A Netizen Asks Iya Villania Why Primo Always Wears the Same Clothes

    Iya handled it like the practical momma that she is
    by Rachel Perez .
A Netizen Asks Iya Villania Why Primo Always Wears the Same Clothes
PHOTO BY @drewarellano, @iyavillania/instagram
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  • It was a surprise to everyone (to moms at least) and preggo celebrity mom Iya Villania herself when she received an odd comment on her Instagram. One netizen asked why Primo was always wearing the same clothes. Huh?

    It would have been easy to ignore the comment (after all, celebs get a fair share of silliness on their social networks). But Iya responded. 

    "As long as those clothes are washed and clear, I don't see what the problem would be. This is a funny concern. Kids grow out of their clothes fast, so I like to keep it basic," Iya wrote in reply. "If you want to buy him clothes then, by all means, go ahead," she added. 

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    It's tempting to buy every cute outfit you can find for your little one, sure. But many moms know (or eventually learn) that kids don't need a lot of clothes. Babies grow up fast, and those cute little clothes might end up being used just a few times. 

    The piece of clothing in question seems to be the Primo's white sando, which made many moms scratch their heads. The sando is perfect for active toddlers because it's comfy and presko especially in our country's weather. (At one of our gatherings for a Smart Parenting Mom-Approved road test, the moms told us they even like the "aircon sando," a t-shirt with small holes.)

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    Pregnancy and childbirth are expensive, and the bills will keep pouring in as the kids grow up. It pays to be practical, and moms quickly learn this. Six genius ways moms save on baby-related expenses: 

    1. Moms ask for hand-me-downs
    Giving hand-me-downs (in good condition, of course) to younger siblings or cousins is much appreciated. Sometimes, you don't even have to ask for them; thoughtful titas or lolas would just send them to a new mom. It works not just for baby clothes, but also for cribs, high chairs, books, toys, school essentials, and even special sports shoes!

    2. They buy or sell pre-loved items. 
    If you want to earn a few extra money (or save some cash), go for pre-loved baby items. Check out Carousell, which lets you sell and shop for pre-loved items. There's also Facebook Marketplace where you simply click the "Store" or "Marketplace" button on your FB app to discover, buy or sell local products. Smart Parenting's Village Facebook group also allows moms to advertise their items every Saturday. Rayzy Nufable, mom of two, shares that she often peruses Instagram for pre-loved baby items. 

    3. Attend a swap meet. 
    It's where moms can swap baby, toddler, or child items that they won't have use for anymore for things that your kids would need. For example, some moms whose children go to the same school arrange a swap meet to exchange costumes for school plays, Linggo ng Wika, UN Day, Halloween, among others. Moms with older kids and babies could dispose of study tables in exchange for baby items.


    4. Repurpose baby gear.
    Feeling a little sentimental about your baby's things? Try to reuse them. Breathe new life into old lampins  as pillowcases or dresses for your daughter's dolls, formula dispensers as drawer organizers. You can transform playpens into a tent bed or ball pit! (Check it out here). 

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    5. Create it yourself,
    If you have the time and resources, do it yourself. Give your baby items a more personal stamp with your labor of love. Carren Castillo spent only Php1,000 on PVC pipes and net to make her son a playpen. Rodessa Villanueva Reyes made a kitchen playset out of cardboard boxes and art materials for her daughter (she even extended it and made it bigger!). And mom Sheila Osmena-Go made a "wooden" toy chest with old floor vinyl tiles and boxes

    You don't have even actually to build it from scratch; you can always improve and modify what you already have, such as transforming a sports bra into a hands-free pumping bra, making a child's shoe skid-free with the help of a glue gun. Need help? Many moms share their nifty ideas and babycare hacks online. 

    6. Donate to charity.
    You can also donate the clothes to charitable institutions to give to less fortunate kids. Remember one man's trash is another's mans' treasure. While this might not provide you with extra cash, knowing you've helped someone in need is payment enough.

    Being practical, though, isn't all about saving, it's about knowing when to invest in sulit items. Think how many times your child would be able to use the clothes, toys, and baby gear and consider the money you'll spend on it. Budgeting, reusing, and even recycling things are just some ways moms get by.  

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