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  • Homeschooling Activities For 3 And 4 Year Olds That Do Not Take Hours To Prepare

    These activities are not complicated yet fun!
    by Que Sullano-Gavan .
Homeschooling Activities For 3 And 4 Year Olds That Do Not Take Hours To Prepare
  • Keeping young kids occupied and learning at home does not have to be in front of the screen all the time, especially when they are just entering school for the first time. And when say "enter" in these COVID-19 times, we mean homeschooling or attending virtual or modular classes.

    Homeschool activities for toddlers and preschoolers

    Besides reading and writing, there are more tech-free ways to entertain your child, and these activities do not need to be complicated or take hours for preparation. We have listed fun yet simple homeschooling activities your preschoolers can do, mostly with things you already have at home.

    Create with clay or dough

    You really can’t go wrong with a dough-based activity! Modeling and playing with clay or dough is a childhood favorite. The kids can roll it into balls and snakes, mold it into various shapes or make clay letters.

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    Practice scissor skills

    There are fun activities that go way beyond worksheets to strengthen preschool scissor skills. These can include cutting paper, clay, flowers, leaves, or straws. For your child’s safety, make sure to provide appropriate and blunt-nosed scissors.

    Learn how to teach scissor skills here.

    Do sorting and classifying activities

    Sorting and classifying activities often appeal to children. Many kids will naturally sort and classify according to qualities and characteristics without even being taught. Some easy sorting activities that require no preparations can include arranging silverware, organizing books according to sizes, putting away toys, sorting candies by color or crayons by length, the list goes on.


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    Play with blocks

    Blocks, one of the best open-ended toys, offer more play opportunities to children.  Whether those blocks are wood blocks, letter blocks, Legos, or magnet blocks, they can keep kids busy for hours. Playing with blocks helps develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and creativity.

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    Sensory activities

    Sensory activities are amazing. Though they may look intimidating, they are quick to set up and don’t have to be messy. Sensory bins don’t need to be anything fancy, and you can use what you have at home: tongs, jars, containers, measuring cups, or spoons. Some easy activities can be scooping rice, pouring water, use tongs or tweezers to transfer marbles or pompoms to another container.

    Discover how you can make a sensory experience for your child here.

    Complete puzzles

    Puzzles are inexpensive learning materials, and they don’t take up too much space. Preschoolers can do sequencing puzzles, simple jigsaw puzzles made from thin wood or durable cardboard, and wooden peg letter or number puzzles. You can also DIY puzzles out of paper, foam, or felt to create a simple matching game.

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    Do art stamping and print making activities

    Stamping is an activity that kids of all ages love to do. There’s something magical about pressing a stamp and making a print. You can use rubber stamps, anything from nature - like a fruit, vegetable, flower, stem, leaf, cardboard rolls, corks, or even with their fingers or hands. This is a great way to learn about colors, shapes, and textures.

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    Que Sullano-Gavan, who hopes to study early childhood education and publish a book someday, is a licensed engineer who opted to stay home and focus on homeschooling her only child, Gab. She is married to fellow engineer Jinoe and together, they manage their website, www.filipinohomeschooler.com.

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