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Hone Your Child's Social Skills! 4 Indoor Play Ideas To Do With Kids 0 To 4 Years
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  • With kids unable to go outside like they used to because of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have become worried whether this will have an effect on their social skills. On our parenting community, Smart Parenting Village, moms voiced out their concerns and wondered if their kids will develop separation anxiety, fear, or even speech delay.

    According to experts, there’s no need to panic just yet. Babies and young children need their parents more than they need their friends at this stage.

    “Let me assure you – for all those who have newborns — it’s only important to have you, the mom or dad, and baby. Kayo na ang pinaka-importanteng social interaction nila,” says Ria Campos-Lopez, a child behavior specialist and certified baby sleep coach at Stratum Health Partners during SmartParenting.com.ph’s online event, How Po? titled “How To Protect Your Newborn."

    The importance of play in honing social skills

    Play is crucial in child development. Not only does it boost children’s physical and mental well-being, but it also improves their social skills.

    Social skills are important for forming positive interactions and relationships. It is also a better driver for success, according to studies.

    Play ideas for 0 to 4-year-olds

    For the National Play Advocacy Week, happening this November 16 to 22, 2020, and as part of the celebrations for National Children’s Month, the Philippine Play Coalition (PPC) is encouraging parents to make play happen.

    “School closure, physical distancing requirements, and home confinement as a result of COVID-19 have dramatically reduced young children’s access to early learning and play opportunities and appropriate care and wellbeing.


    “Many children are therefore not able to actively participate in their regular activities outside of their homes. Under such conditions, many tend to be less physically active, have longer screen time, and may affect their holistic wellbeing and development,” says the PPC in a statement.

    If you have babies and kids aged 0 to 4-years-old, PPC has provided a list of activities below that you can do with them at home.



    • Motor skills
    • Physical fitness

    What you’ll need

    • Story books for 0 to 4 years old
    • Stuffed toys or puppets

    Pick a storybook for your child and read the story in an animated manner. To better communicate the story to your kids, use stuffed toys or puppets and act out the corresponding action of each character while the story progresses.

    Pass the ball


    • Alertness
    • Motor skills
    • Agility

    What you’ll need

    • Ball
    • Music player

    Form a circle big enough for each person to be comfortable when they do arm movements. Then, choose a lively song to play. When the music starts, pass the ball to each other until the music stops.

    The last person holding the ball when the music stops will be eliminated from the game. The game will continue until one person is declared the winner.

    Finger painting


    • Creativity
    • Self-expression

    What you’ll need

    • Finger paint
    • Paper
    • Newspaper

    Place pieces of newspaper on a flat surface to avoid making a big mess. Prepare the paint and a bowl of water. When ready, ask your child to paint using the tip of their fingers or their palms. Encourage them to paint whatever they like!

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    Sing along


    • Vocal ability
    • Self-expression

    What you’ll need

    • Music player

    Lead your child to sing songs. As your child sings, slowly taper off your participation, depending on her ability to sing the lyrics. You can also integrate movements or actions for more advanced learning.

    Get more play ideas or share your activities to the Philippine Play Coalition by registering at https://bit.ly/NPAW2020RegForm. For more learning activities you can do at home, click here.

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