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Meet Your Baby At 4 Months: He's Starting To Thumbsuck Inside The Womb!
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  • The fourth month is the start of the second trimester of your pregnancy. This stage is often called the sweet spot since by this time, the rollercoaster ride you experienced during the first trimester of your pregnancy — for example, feeling morning sickness and other symptoms — is slowly easing.

    Of course, it’s still different for every woman. You might still feel shortness of breath — one of the early symptoms of pregnancy that can last the whole nine months — or notice your underarms starting to darken, as shared by moms in our parenting community, Smart Parenting Village.

    Fetus at 4 months

    With all the changes in your body, you might also be wondering how your little one is hanging in there. Here are the developments you can expect in a fetus at 4 months.

    Can you feel your baby at 4 months?

    One of the things moms are most excited about is feeling their baby move inside the womb. At this stage of pregnancy, your little one will start making more noticeable movements.

    Yes, while your baby has been moving around inside your tummy since the second month and third month, they’re just not that big yet for you to feel. However, these movements at the start of your second trimester are what we call the “quickening.”

    This quickening is the fluttery sensation that you will feel as you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy. As every pregnancy can differ from one another, this sensation may be felt in the earlier or later stages of your pregnancy. But, either way, this is the stage where you can anticipate your precious baby to debut his or her first kick.


    How big is a 4-month-old fetus?

    At 4 months, your baby bump is finally showing. You’re probably curious how big your little one is at this stage.

    Your precious baby may now measure between 4 to 5 inches long and may weigh 4 to 5 ounces. By the end of the month, your baby will be about 6 inches long and can weigh up to 8 ounces. They may be as big as a sweet potato or a cantaloupe melon!

    What does a baby do at 4 months in the womb?

    At the fourth month, your baby, aside from making those fluttery sensations you feel in your abdomen, is progressively developing its body. Your little one’s nervous system starts maturing in a rapid phase.

    The nerve cells of your baby’s brain is also now covered by a myelin substance, which serves as a connector for the nerves to communicate and send messages. The myelin substance increases the speed of communication. Aside from that, by the end of the 4th month, your baby’s senses will be more active than ever.

    At this stage, with your baby’s heightened senses, your little one can now hear your heartbeat and even your voice. Your baby can also taste the food you intake, and can now feel the amniotic fluid around him and “see” light. Their sense of smell is also developing together with the other senses.

    At four months, your baby is covered with vernix caseosa, a greasy, white, cheese-like coting that keeps him warm. His facial features are also developing and become more distinct and defined. He is already practicing various facial expressions!

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    It’s also around this time that your baby is learning how to suck and swallow. He may also start thumb sucking while inside the womb!

    Lastly, baby’s fingerprints and sex organs are almost done forming. If you’re expecting a girl, her fallopian tubes and uterus are now in place. If it’s a boy, you might already see his penis on your next ultrasound, although it will still depend on his position. (Read more about the fourth month of your pregnancy, including symptoms, here.)

    The fourth month is just the start of the second trimester of your pregnancy. You still have more months to look forward to while carrying precious life inside of you.

    Remember to avoid stress and take care of yourself! If you can, discuss birth plans with your doctor and read up on how your pregnancy is progressing.

    SmartParenting.com.ph is always here to help guide you in your motherhood journey. Click here for our week-by-week guide so you know what to expect in your pregnancy.

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