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  • 6 Creative And Boss Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy (One Was In Mid-Air)

    If you are planning to get pregnant this year, we've rounded up recent creative and "pasabog" pregnancy announcements from celebrities.
    by Judy Santiago Aladin . Published Mar 10, 2023
6 Creative And Boss Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy (One Was In Mid-Air)
  • Pregnancy announcements these days are getting more and more creative and well-thought out. With social media, the pregnancy news of celebrities spreads in a matter of seconds. All the more if the way it was announced was crazy, the internet will break!

    If you are planning to get pregnant this year, we've rounded up creative and "pasabog" pregnancy announcements from celebrities this 2023 for inspo. Plus, tips on how you can do it (except for number 1).

    6 fun and crazy ways to announce pregnancy this 2023

    1. Perform on a suspended platform during the Super Bowl halftime show ala Mama Riri

    Hands down, Rihanna's performance during the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show last February 12 was probably the most-watched pregnancy announcement of the year, heck, in this lifetime!

    Wearing all red and with red lipstick, Rihanna danced, flew, and floated in mid-air. During her last song, Diamonds, she rubbed her belly and it confirmed (also her publicist said) that she's having another baby with rapper A$AP Rocky.

    How to do it: Umm, we suggest that you skip this one and don't do it, okay? Opt for a simple TikTok dance then go ahead with the reveal. No need for harness and a floating stage, are we clear about this?

    2. Film your husband's reaction like Lovely Abella

    For a rather low-key pregnancy announcement, entrepreneur Lovely Abella shared a very raw and authentic video of her filming herself in the bedroom after seeing the results of her pregnancy test.

    She then went on to tell her husband Benj Manalo, who was asleep that time. They ended up crying because apparently, Benj's sperm count was really low and so they never thought they'd be able to conceive. Watch the video here.


    How to do it: If you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms, document the moment when you take a pregnancy test. Then tell your husband about it, either face-to-face or via video call! His reaction is going to be priceless!

    3. Record your friends' reactions and put them together in a "commercial" like Quark Henares

    For a fun and ingenious way to announce that there is a bun in your oven, take it from Quark Henares and Bianca Yuzon, who shot their friends and families' reaction videos and turned it into a "commercial!" One for the books! Watch it here.

    PHOTO BY Instagram/quarkhenares, biancayuzon
    watch now

    How to do it: Meet your friends and family one by one, and turn on your video camera before you tell the news. Then compile it in a video, and ta-dah! You have a one-of-a-kind, authentic pregnancy announcement video!

    4. Say it in a letter to your fans like Song Joong Ki

    Korean actor Song Joong Ki meanwhile broke the news that he and his wife Katy Louise Saunders are married AND pregnant by writing a letter to a fan agency. 

    In the letter, the Vincenzo star sincerely shared his life updates about his marriage and pregnancy at once. Pasabog!

    PHOTO BY Instagram/hi_songjoongki

    How to do it: Sending a snail mail obviously would take time, but a classic, handwritten letter to your family and friends about your pregnancy news adds a very personal touch. You can ask them to film their reactions too before they open the letter for more fun!

    5. Get creative and make movie posters like Kris Bernal and Perry Choi

    If you are good at graphic design and you love movies, you may take inspiration from how actress Kris Bernal and her husband Perry Choi made the internet melt with their super cute movie posters announcing their new milestone. See all the posters here.


    How to do it: Look for movie posters that you want to recreate, and have a fun photoshoot at home. Use photo editing software like Canva to edit the photos! 

    6. Take belly bump photos like Rachel Peters

    Beauty queen Rachel Peters first shared the news with the public by sharing a series of photos of her flaunting her baby bump. 


    How to do it: As soon as you confirm that you are pregnant, take photos of you and your growing belly and keep it until you are ready and safe to announce.

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    How to be more sensitive in sharing pregnancy news

    Before posting this good news on social media, you might want to consider sharing it privately with your closest relatives and friends. Dr. Emma Symes, a perinatal psychologist in Australia said that although pregnancy announcements are happy news for the couple, there are people in your circle who are having a hard time conceiving and might feel triggered when you finally post yours.

    "People announcing their pregnancy on social media often don't make public any of their own struggles with loss or infertility, so people just see the happy shots of the happy mother or couple," Dr. Symes said.


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    She suggests, especially if you know some people might be affected when you share the news that you include something along these lines: 'We are celebrating right now, but our hearts extend to anyone who is struggling with infertility or loss.'

    It's not too much to ask, right? 


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