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  • 6 Ways Husbands Can Support Their Pregnant Wives When They Deal With Morning Sickness

    by Kate Borbon .
6 Ways Husbands Can Support Their Pregnant Wives When They Deal With Morning Sickness
  • Pregnancy can be a very taxing journey for some women. They might deal with a lot of difficult symptoms, including morning sickness, which is caused by increased hormones in the body. Witnessing their partners deal with this can make men feel helpless and scared, but there are many ways they can help the women cope. Here are some you can try.

    Be emotionally supportive

    During pregnancy, your partner can become extra emotional and sensitive. She might also be bothered by worries over her baby’s health and what’s going to happen when she needs to give birth. Support her by listening to her and comforting her when necessary. As Romper writes, it’s always great for women to know that their partners are there for them all the way.

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    Handle the errands

    You can’t expect a pregnant woman to handle all the chores and errands she used to before; pregnancy can make a woman more tired than usual. Romper advises partners who want to help to make sure all the housework is attended to; a clean and orderly home will help your pregnant partner relax better and rest, which is important if she is prone to morning sickness.

    Understand her cravings and aversions

    Most women experience cravings for and aversions to certain foods during their pregnancies. Though it can be strange and stressful to deal with those, remember that this is a normal part of being pregnant. You can help by keeping stock of the foods your partner craves for, discarding those she is averse to, and refraining from eating foods she is averse to in front of her because the mere sight or smell of those might make her ill.


    Attend doctor’s appointments with her

    Whether she needs you to hold her hand while undergoing tests or drive her to the hospital and back, it’s good to attend doctor’s appointments with your partner whenever you can. And when you can’t, make it a point to ask her what happened, how the baby is doing, and more so she would see that you’re interested in what’s going on.

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    Strategize and plan ahead

    One mom on Smart Parenting Village (SPV) shared that her husband supports her by remembering to bring a plastic bag and anti-acid calcium candies every time they leave the house in case she would need those. Thinking and preparing ahead for situations when your partner might get ill are a sure way to show her that you got her back.

    Make her feel loved

    Pregnancy takes a big toll on a woman’s body, so don’t forget to always remind your partner that you love and appreciate her. Actions as simple as holding her hair up and patting her on the back when she’s vomiting, preparing her a glass of cold prenatal milk, and reassuring her, like what SPV moms experienced from their partners, can go a long way.

    Childbirth is an emotional experience that both moms and dads experience deeply. Click here to learn more.

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