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Mom And Dad Use This Genius Idea To Keep Their Daughter Busy When They Work From Home
PHOTO BY courtesy of Jason Gervasio
  • We’re over a month into the quarantine, and if you live in a high-risk area, it’s going to be a while before this is all over. Are you going crazy thinking of things your kids can do at home, too? This mom and dad have an awesome idea you can try out!

    Instead of coming up with a daily quarantine schedule, Jason and Ina Gervasio, who both work in the digital industry, decided to apply a strategy they both use in their jobs to make sure their daughter is happy and busy during quarantine.

    It's called a scrum board “that was initially used in software development but has been adapted for other uses as well,” shares Jason In an interview with SmartParenting.com.ph  via e-mail and chat app.

    A scrum board is simply a board with three columns labeled “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” Each column is filled up with individual cards that describe different activities and chores to be done for the day. Many of these activities are aided virtually, based on things Jason and Ina loved to do as kids and inspired by video tutorials and educational games.

    After waking up, Jason and Ina’s daughter chooses which activities she wants to do per day based on what she sees on the scrum board.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jason Gervasio
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    How does the scrum board work for kids? Jason explains that in the mornings, he and his wife would write or draw on cards the activities and chores that their daughter can do for the day, from practicing her handwriting and math skills to helping her yaya to making her bed.

    He adds, “When our daughter wakes up, she sees the cards and chooses which ones to do first. She then moves those cards under the Doing column. As soon as she’s done with an activity, she moves that card to the Done column then moves on to the next card. She does this throughout the day until all cards are under the Done column, then she gets a simple ‘prize’ (e.g., screen time, play games, etc.) upon completing everything.”

    A scrum board has three columns labeled “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” It is an easy way to keep track of what you have accomplished in a day!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jason Gervasio
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    When asked about why they decided to give their daughter a scrum board instead of a schedule, Jason answered, “We didn’t want a strict schedule though since 1) it’s summer anyway, so it should really be a vacation for her and 2) even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to strictly guard a schedule since we also have our own calls and work activities throughout the day. That’s when we thought of having a loose system of activities.”

    Jason says that his daughter views the activities on the scrum board as “fun challenges.” “She also has the freedom to pick what she wants to do first and when to start on these,” Jason adds. “She can take breaks whenever she wants, pause an activity and switch it for another, etc. as long as she knows she has to get all the activities done within the day. I believe this is giving her more fun and motivation [than a schedule] that she goes through ‘because it’s a certain time already.’”

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    Jason shares that his daughter enjoyed the scrum board so much that she even made cards on her own, including one with the activity “read a book.

    No need for fancy materials! If you plan to try making a scrum board for your kids, you can use Post-It notes and any flat, empty surface in your home.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jason Gervasio

    And as for how the scrum board benefits Jason and Ina? “It keeps her busy while we’re busy, haha,” he says. “We find it useful since we don’t need to strictly guard anything based on time limits. We just plan the cards at the start of the day, check the board from time to time and encourage her to pick a new card when needed.”

    Want to try using this strategy at home? Jason says that you can write or draw the activities on Post-It notes or paper cut-outs and tape them to any empty wall or flat surface. You also don’t have to worry about coming up with serious lessons or activities. “Some of ours are as simple as ‘make your bed’ or even ‘eat fruits or veggies,’” Jason shares.

    Just like Jason and Ina’s daughter, kids can learn and have fun with the help of a scrum board! Share your experiences using this idea with us in the comments.

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