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Bring Back The Flirting! Try These 6 Tips For A Happier And Sexier Marriage
  • As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easily. The same applies to marriage: To make your relationship happy and healthy, both you and your spouse have to put in a lot of time and effort. This should involve not only the emotional connection between you but even your sex life.

    Try these expert tips for a happier (and sexier) marriage:

    1. Let him feel adored and appreciated.

    Thrive Global writes that after some time, saying “I love you” can become repetitive. This makes it crucial to look for other ways to let your spouse know you love him. These can be as simple as helping out with the chorescomplimenting him regularly, or making him his favorite meal. Hint: Know what his love language is to come up with actions that he’ll appreciate!

    2. Be kind to him.

    One of the simplest ways to show your partner that he is appreciated and loved is to be kind to him — even when you’re not necessarily seeing eye to eye. Aside from helping build trust between you, kindness also helps you get your needs met because if you approach him with kindness, he can respond to you with compassion.

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    3. Listen to each other.

    There’s a reason why listening is a common piece of advice given to married couples. As one mom from Smart Parenting Village shares in a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article, “Listen to understand. Don’t just think of yourself or how you feel, especially after an argument. Learn to be intentional in listening to what your spouse feels and has to say.”


    4. Bring back the ‘ligawan.’

    As another Smart Parenting article notes, always pursuing your partner is one of the secrets for a successful marriage. As Hannah Eaton, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate, writes for The Gottman Institute, “continual, purposeful dating and practice is not only helpful, but is central to cultivating and maintaining meaningful attunement, connection, and intimacy in romantic relationships.”

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    5. Flirt with each other.

    Bring back the excitement in your relationship by flirting with each other! Flirting is a great way to feed the “erotic piggy bank,” says licensed marriage and family therapist Jenni Skyler, Ph.D. She tells Women’s Health, “Then, when you do get together, you have this overflowing piggy bank that adds to the energy of the intimate moment.”

    Once that energy builds up, it can help you have sex more regularly, which is a vital part of maintaining any marriage. According to another Smart Parenting article, sex educator Emily Nagoski says in a TEDx Talk, happy couples choose to prioritize sex. “They decide that it matters for their relationship, that they do what it takes to find their way back to the connection.”

    6. Try something new in the bedroom.

    When it comes to sex, don’t be afraid to try new things. One way to spice up your married sex life is by trying role-play, which can involve taking on various characters, different settings, or even sex toys. Click here for some role-play ideas you and your spouse can try out.

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