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  • Mom Of Twins Has The Best 'Me-Time' Hack For The Busiest Mom Out There!

    Me-time is a constant struggle for moms everywhere.
    by Kate Borbon .
Mom Of Twins Has The Best 'Me-Time' Hack For The Busiest Mom Out There!
  • Me-time is one of those things all moms need but rarely ever get because parenthood can be a lot to handle. That’s why if you want to relax, you’ll have to consciously make time for it.

    This is a dilemma Rachel Holmyard, mom of 18-month-old twin boys, knows well. As CafeMom notes, having twins means double the responsibility for parents to juggle, like bathing them, cleaning up after them, and putting them to bed.

    To give herself the chance to relax, Rachel used a hack called a “Happiness Jar.” She took five popsicle sticks and wrote one activity that helps her feel relaxed and well-rested on each, then put them all in a jar. Every day for a week, Rachel picked one activity out of the jar and committed to doing it before the end of the day.

    On Day 1, Rachel picked “Read a book for one hour.” In a video shared by CafeMom and LittleThings on Facebook, Rachel said that this was the perfect activity for her because she hadn’t been able to read in months.


    On Day 2, Rachel picked “Sing karaoke,” which she called one of her favorite stress-relievers. She also shared that though she initially regretted not including “Watch your favorite show” in the activities in her “Happiness Jar,” she realized that it had been a good idea to leave that out.

    “I realized that everything I picked, I knew would make me feel good and feel recharged because they’re not passive, they’re things that I’m doing actively and things that make me feel present and things that are good for me, that make me feel good in a different way,” she said.

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    Rachel picked “Meditate before bed” on Day 3. She revealed that though she was so exhausted that day, ultimately, she decided to meditate because it “helps me unwind and relax and just kind of clears my mind and helps me put things into perspective from having such a busy week, and just helps me get through for the next day.”

    On Day 4, she picked “Have a nice bath,” which she did by using a bath bomb, essential oils, and a good book to read.

    Finally, on Day 5, Rachel picked “Take a hot yoga class.” Though she had initially decided to take the class at her local gym, she ended up not being able to do so because the house was a mess and she needed to prepare for a weekend family trip. She opted to do yoga at home instead.

    How did Rachel feel after taking the challenge? She shared, “So after a week of taking time off for myself, I realized how much I needed that little bit every day to just reset and reflect on my day and just prepare myself for the next day, and I think I’m going to commit to … doing it at least two or three times a week. Making time for myself in just the simplest and smallest ways.”

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    If you’re a mama struggling to squeeze some me-time into your daily routine, you might want to try out Rachel’s hack!

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